One of the most important decisions the owner of a small enterprise can make is choosing a bank. Every financial institution is different, and it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find the right one to handle all their business banking needs.

A good bank works as a trusted advisor, offering financial tips on everything under the sun relating to money – how to make it, where to spend it, when to save it.

Jay DesMarteau, head of small business at TD Bank, told Scoop San Diego that the best banks are the ones that offer a variety of financial planning options for small businesses.

"Small-business owners should seek out a bank that treats small business like big business," DesMarteau told the news source. "Look for a bank that's open early, open late and can offer the whole bank. Look for a relationship, not just a transaction."

What features are you looking for in your bank? Here are a few you might consider.

As DesMarteau notes, this includes looking for a bank that opens early and closes late, but convenience is about more than just hours. You want a bank that will give you a variety of ways to deposit money, different avenues for contact – both in person and online – and flexibility between checking and savings accounts. Small business owners don't operate well under rigid rules. The ideal bank is one that caters to your needs.

A one-stop shop
Time is money for a small business owner. The last thing you want is a bank that wastes your time by forcing you to wander from place to place for different financial needs. It would be a nightmare to go to one bank for withdrawing money, another for paying bills, another for applying for loans or opening lines of credit and another one still for opening credit card accounts. A one-stop shop is far more convenient. It's worth sacrificing to make that possible.

Willingness to embrace technology
The best banks offer strong cyber-solutions for financial needs. A recent Toluna survey found that 86.1 percent of online banking users describe themselves as "completely satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their services. It's not hard to see why – banking should be convenient, and customers should have the option to access their money whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

Finding the right bank is a challenge for any small business, but it's worth taking the time to get it right. Good financial services can make a world of difference.