If you're not a good boss, chances are people won't be with your company very long. In order to maintain consistency and morale amongst your staff, you will have to treat employees well and make sure you're always displaying the habits of a good manager. 

Studies have shown that people who quit their jobs are often quitting as a result of issues with their boss, rather than a dislike for their position. You don't want to be the small business owner that people quit on, and in order to make sure of that, it will be important to develop a few good habits. These tendencies will ensure that your employees appreciate you as a manager, rather than despise you. For more on the good habits you should develop as a small business owner, read the tips below:

1. Take the risks for real, not for show
Small business owners should make sure that when they do something that stands out to their employees, it is something that is actually impactful and displays real abilities as a manager, according to Inc. If you're attempting to make an impression, don't choose the easy route, do something real. The best bosses choose the more difficult path, the less popular opinion, whatever it takes to do the right thing, rather than just appear impressive. You have to be willing to step outside the box in order to improve your business's performance and inspire your staff.

2. Question the cause and effect of your business's downfalls
Even the boss is allowed to ask questions, and that's what some of the best do, American Express explained. The company's small business blog noted that if things are going badly, you are going to have to figure out what's going on and why quickly. It is important that you seek feedback from all aspects of your business. You will have to learn more about your competitors, your market, your customers and your business – and that will take questions. 

3. They're able to operate lean
A good small business owner will constantly have an eye on which parts of the operation can be removed, according to Forbes. The best bosses streamline operations in a number of ways, such as switching suppliers and reordering the delegation of tasks. It will be important to understand everything about your company – the financial plan, your man power, how time is divided and whatever other aspects of your business can be altered to streamlined operations. To make sure that your business remains consistently prosperous, constantly work on figuring out ways to make it more efficient. 

4. Find opportunities where others can't
When an unexpected issue comes along many bosses will take shelter and wait for the worst to pass, Inc. explained. While some managers might see cloudy skies as an issue, others take advantage of the roadblocks they come across. These bosses, the ones that can make the best of a bad situation, are the kind who turn out to be great. If a new competitor enters the market, if a client decides to cancel a contract, small business owners should be able to turn the situation into a positive somehow. 

As a small business owner you will have to act as an example for your employees, and do what you can in order to ensure that your business is running at its best at all times. To do this, you will need to work on developing some of your habits as a manager. Using the four tips above will help you learn what it takes to be the best boss possible.