When it comes to running a business, you need to ensure your clientele are happy with your service. Usually this means being friendly, offering your services and fixing any problems that may arise. However, every other company is doing the same things. How do you create enough of a presence to stand out from your competition? By implementing a few of the following suggestions, you'll be able to get customers returning:

1. Learn names
There is nothing more personal than learning someone's name. Simply incorporating it into your conversation with him or her will establish at least a minor relationship. Don't stop there, though. Learn personal details about them – what do they do for a living? Do they have any kids? What's their dog's name? Getting to know your customers adds a personal touch and will make them feel more welcome at your business, StartUp Fashion explained. Don't just have your employees do this. Make sure you're making appearances out front to establish your own relationships with your clients.

2. Let them have a say
Suggestion boxes are great if people actually use them, but they're useless if no one offers any responses. Online reviews are the same way. Plenty of people buy your products, but that doesn't mean they're going to share their thoughts with other customers. Having in-house opportunities to help make a difference will truly make consumers feel like they're a part of the business, according to Entrepreneur. If you're coming out with a new product, let your returning customers try it out first. Let them offer you feedback. When they feel like they're part of your business, their loyalty will increase.

3. Reward your VIPs
Nothing shows your appreciation for your customers more than offering benefits for their neverending loyalty. Create reward programs, where they can earn points for each purchase to redeem on products, or offer discounts on their favorite items. Treating your clients like VIPs can go even further since you've already learned their names and details about their lives. Send them cards, give them complimentary items or offer discounts for special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, StartUp Fashion suggested.

4. Be original
While it's important to create an environment where your customers feel welcome, whether through learning their names or making them feel like part of the company, it's also crucial for you to distinguish your brand from everyone else's. Find out what how you can do customer service differently than your competitors and go for it, Entrepreneur explained. Instead of white robes at a hotel, offer them in crazy colors and patterns. If it's raining, let them borrow umbrellas and offer them discounts for returning them. Being different will establish your company as separate from similar ones.

You business relies on its clients to be successful. It's important to distinguish yourself as your own being as opposed to just another retail store or just another restaurant. While you may have to rework your financial plan, incorporating methods to make your business stand out will be worth it.