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An uncommon commitment to the uncommon story.

You have a story. It’s the heart of who you are, what you do and why. In our community, there are those who use their story to do something remarkable. They use it to serve others, to accomplish great things, to make a difference. When you share your uncommon story, it becomes this community’s collective story, shared by all. It binds us, strengthens and empowers. It’s why, at First United Bank & Trust, we’re so committed to helping your story take shape and seeing it play out.

Take a look for yourself.

Season 04

Episode 01: Trilogy Innovations

The fourth season begins by spotlighting Trilogy Innovations, a groundbreaking tech company located in West Virginia. They are leading the way in technological advancement, establishing new benchmarks for the industry and paving the path for future generations.

Season 03

Episode 02: Fahrney Keedy

Our third season continues with a fascinating glimpse into the Fahrney Keedy Senior Living Community. This Uncommon Story showcases the facility’s unwavering dedication to improving the lives of seniors and their families in Washington County, Maryland, for more than a century.
Fahrney Keedy

Episode 01: Perineologic

Season 3 of our series kicks-off with Matt & Kelli Allaway from Perineologic. Their Uncommon Story is an emotional journey from patient to patent. Learn about their life-saving innovation, developed in Cumberland, MD and used throughout the world.
Perineologic logo

Season 02

Episode 04: The Casselman Restaurant & Inn

Ben Riegsecker, owner of The Casselman, shares the Uncommon Story of this historic Inn & Restaurant. Season 2 of our series comes to a close with yet another story of a great, local, family-owned business in Grantsville Maryland that has cared for and loved serving the local community for over 180 years.
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Episode 03: New South Media

Nikki Bowman Mills of New South Media shares her Uncommon Story. Season 2 of our series continues with another great, local organization that has helped continue to tell this community’s stories.
New South Media Logo

Episode 02: Panhandle Home Health

Lisa Bivens shares the uncommon story of the Panhandle Home Health. Season 2 of our series continues with another great, local organization that, for over 44 years, has helped serve the community with in-home care.
Logo for Panhandle Home Health

Episode 01: Eastern WV Community Foundation

Michael Walton shares the uncommon story of the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation (https://www.ewvcf.org). We begin Season 2 of our series with this great, local nonprofit organization that helps to support the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.
Eastern WV Community Foundation Logo

Season 01

Episode 03: March-Westin

Phil Weser shares the inspiring, uncommon story of March-Westin. We celebrate the uncommon stories from our community!

Episode 02: FCX Systems

In Episode 2, FCX Systems co-founders, Allen Wright and Matt Howell, share their uncommon story.

Episode 01: Ascension Recovery Services

Doug Leech of Ascension Recovery Services shares his amazing, uncommon story. We celebrate the uncommon stories from our community! Our collective stories bind us, strengthen and empower us. It’s why, at First United, we’re so committed to helping your story take shape and seeing it play out.

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