Even the best financial plan could suffer without quality employees backing it up. A small business may feel at a natural disadvantage when it comes to hiring – fewer funds, more potential risk and other factors could persuade job seekers to look elsewhere. However, any company could attract the right type of employee with a few simple tips.

According to The Wall Street Journal, big corporations can offer great benefits, unique perks and a brand name to put on business cards. Small businesses may not be able to offer these same things, but they do have their own set of positives. For example, the little guy could have a personal feel, with better communication between upper management and the entry-level staff. Also, entrepreneurs tend to value their employees like family, which makes a more cohesive atmosphere.

Therefore, small business owners should work toward finding ways to attract better staff members, the news source noted. Financial tips could help raise the needed funds for the salaries and search.

Networking is as important for the firm as it is for the job hunter, and companies should always put themselves in the other position, in order to judge how they look to prospective employees. These tips could make the difference between a bad hire and a great one, according to Suzanne Lucas in an article for Inc. magazine.

1. Cut out long online applications
The last thing job seekers want to do is a three-hour long online application. At this stage in the game, they probably aren't even sure if the company is the right fit for them. Lucas noted that this process could turn away those who aren't desperate – and those people might just be the most qualified ones.

2. Communicate properly
Nearly every job description asks for a candidate with "good communication skills." In that case, why shouldn't the small business return the favor? Potential hires will appreciate feedback following an interview, and common courtesy can go a long way. Even if they aren't the best fit for a current opening, they could be for the next opportunity to come along. Communicating well might just keep them interested.

3. Disclose all the necessary information
Small businesses may ask a lot of their candidates. Most hiring managers want to know everything, such as past employment and salaries. However, they might not be willing to disclose how much they are willing to pay. They should, Lucas explained, because honesty can attract the right type of people. Therefore, a financial plan could continue to grow with the best employees in the company.