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Mobile Deposit Capture

With My Bank Mobile Deposit from First United, your smartphone’s camera becomes a check depositing machine! You get faster access to your funds without a trip to the bank. Check Deposits can now be made directly using our Personal or Business Mobile apps!

In accordance with the federal regulations and our commitment to process funds quickly and efficiently;
All checks presented for deposit must be payable to you as the account owner(s) and be properly endorsed with your signature and the phrase:

  • Mobile Deposit Only at FUB&T

Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. All Mobile Check Deposits are subject to verification and may be rejected by us for any reason or may be held longer for further processing. Your deposit is not approved until you have received an email notification from us. Please refer to your Account Funds Availability Policy for more information.

Mobile check deposits received on weekends, bank holidays and Monday through Friday after 7 p.m. EST are processed the following business day.


Mobile Deposits Guide

Making a deposit couldn’t be easier. Follow this quick guide, or follow the on-screen instructions, to make your deposit quickly and easily from your smartphone.

Download the My Bank Mobile Banking App

Select the proper account for your device and click the link below from your device!

Download on the App Store

Download for iOS

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Download for Android

We are dedicated to giving you a powerful (and powerfully secure) experience online, every time.


* Fees may apply

** Message and data rates may apply; contact your cellular provider for information on your mobile contract. Most smart phones are supported by My Bank Mobile, but some limitations may exist. Call us at 1-888-692-2654 if you are experiencing any issues.

iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App StoreSM is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

*** Transfers and withdrawals from a My Money Market and/or My Prime Saver account to another account or to third parties by pre-authorized, automatic, telephone, computer transfers, check, draft, or similar order to third parties is limited to only six (6) per month or statement cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of your personal and financial information is at the heart of the My Bank Mobile services. Our service allows you to securely view account balances and activity, transfer funds or pay bills* from your mobile phone. Developed with banking security in mind, My Bank Mobile keeps your personal information safe and secure with the following features.

  • We offer a secure online registration
  • No personal or sensitive information, such as account numbers or passcodes, will ever be stored on your mobile phone
  • Our service uses encryption to protect your personal data
  • Our app identifies your phone each time you conduct a mobile transaction
  • Our app will timeout after 5 minutes of non-use
  • If you have any additional questions about security, please contact us.

My Bank Mobile is an easy way to access eligible First United accounts from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile phone. You can use our App to securely view your account balances and activity, transfer money* between accounts or pay bills. You can also text us to receive up-to-date balance information.

You can access many of the same accounts that are tied to your Internet Banking solution, which includes your deposit and loan accounts!

No. Because our app can be downloaded to the phone, or accessed with a mobile Internet connection, you do not need to worry about carrier or model limitations. All you need is a mobile Internet connection. Similarly, if you have text messaging enabled on your phone, you can text for your balance regardless of what carrier or phone you have. We have apps for Android and iPhone!

Yes. Developed with some of the foremost banking security companies in the world, My Bank Mobile keeps your personal information safe and secure with the following features:

  • We offer secure online registration
  • No personal or sensitive information, such as account numbers or passcodes, will ever be stored on your mobile phone
  • My Bank Mobile uses encryption to protect your personal data
  • The app identifies your phone each time you conduct a mobile transaction

Yes, My Bank Mobile has an app for the iPhone, as well as Android.

Download the app from the appropriate app store for your device and login using your Personal Internet Banking credentials! If you have any issues, contact our Customer Care Center at 1-888-692-2654.

Website registration is a simple process that requires you to provide some identifying information about your mobile device using a simple form. The site will guide you through the process of registering your phone, accessing our app and enabling inquiries via text messages. To get started, visit mybank.com and log in to internet banking.

It is as simple as signing up online (see “How does the website registration work?”) and receiving a text message or visiting a website on your phone. Once you have registered your phone, if you chose to enable text banking, you will receive a text message to which you can reply with your activation code. You will also receive a text message with a link to the mobile web application, if you have a web enabled smart phone; you can access a more functional banking experience using your mobile phone’s internet browser or by downloading our banking app.

If you do not enable text message banking, you may enable only web/app banking and you will need to visit http://m.mybank.com from your mobile device and enter your activation code that you will be given when you register.

If you downloaded the app to your phone, you can open First United’s My Bank Mobile by selecting it from your mobile phone’s application menu. If you are accessing our app from your mobile web browser, simply visit http://m.mybank.com (save it as a bookmark or to your home screen for easy access in the future).

The easiest way to review your account balance is to text us! Send the letter “B” to 79680 and receive a quick view of your accounts. You can also use our App to access balance information by simply selecting the account you wish to view.

To view past transactions within the app or web application, simply select the account you wish to review from the home screen of the app. You can also review past transactions using texting, by sending the letter “H” to 79680 and our system will respond with a list of your accounts (numbered 1 through however many accounts you may have)…reply with the corresponding number you wish to see and our system will send you the most recent transactions, and the ability to continue to review them by replying “M” for more.

To transfer money, open the My Bank Mobile app and select “Transfers” from the main menu. Then, choose the account to transfer from, and then select the account to transfer to. Enter the amount to transfer, select “OK” and review and confirm the information is correct.

To make a bill payment, open the First United’s My Bank Mobile App and select the “Bill Pay” link from the main menu. Once you select to “Bill Pay”, you will then see a list of your payees. Select the payee you wish to pay, enter the amount you want to pay, and the date you want to make the payment. Once you select continue, you will see a summary page. If all the information is correct, select “Make Payment.” The payment now has been scheduled. You will be presented with a confirmation page that will contain your confirmation number.

The other person may set up their own phone using their own personal internet banking account; if they have access to a particular account from within their internet banking setup, they will also be able to see that account within mobile banking.

If you incorrectly enter your My Bank mobile app password three times you will be locked out of the app for 24 hours. After 24 hours you will be able to attempt to login again. Forgot your password? You can reset your password by selecting the “reset it yourself” link located under the password box when logging into your Internet Banking account from a computer, or by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-692-2654.

No personal account data (account numbers, etc) is stored on your phone. Additionally, within the mobile banking app, your internet banking username and password are required to access your account balances, etc. With texting enabled, someone with access to your phone would have the ability to send and then receive a text with your account balances and would potentially have the ability to transfer funds* between your accounts. Regardless, we recommend that you always report the loss to your mobile carrier to stop service to your phone and contact First United to report the loss of your phone also.

While no personal account data is stored on your phone; and another person using your phone would need to know your internet banking username and password, we still do encourage you to contact us to let us know that you have lost your phone. We can then disable your cell phone from having mobile banking access completely. Once you have a new phone, we can re-enroll you so that you can again have access.

To get help in person, find the First United location near you. To get help by phone, call 1-888-692-2654. We are available 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday.

With My Bank First United Mobile, you can deposit paper checks into eligible accounts using the Check Deposit option of the My Bank Mobile Banking App on supported Android™ or iPhone® mobile devices.

No. First United does not charge a fee for Consumer or Business mobile deposits.

Currently, all First United deposit customers are eligible to use My Bank First United Mobile Deposits using the Mobile Banking App. The Bank reserves the right to change the eligibility requirements from time to time.

The My Bank Mobile App is available for download on:

  • iPhone’s® or iPads with iOS 10.0 or higher
  • Android™ smartphones or tablets with Android 4.4 or higher
  • Versions 4.6.2 or higher for phones and 4.6 or higher for tablets
  • Some devices may not be capable of running the app; we recommend that you download the app prior to signing up to see that you can install and launch the app successfully.

You may deposit the following types of checks using the My Bank Mobile Deposits:

  • Personal checks payable to you
  • Business checks payable to the business entity or account owner
  • Checks drawn on a United States Bank that are payable in US currency

You should not submit the following types of checks:

  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than you
  • Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into an account in the name of all payees
  • Checks containing obvious alteration, or which you know or suspect are fraudulent Foreign checks (non-US Checks)
  • Checks dated more than six (6) months prior to the date of deposit
  • Federal government checks (Checks issued by the US Treasury Department)
  • The Bank reserves the right to reject any check transmitted through the service at its’ discretion and is not responsible for checks we do not receive.

There is no set limit to the number of deposits nor the amount you can deposit. However, First United retains the right to apply limits, change, suspend or discontinue the service, in whole or in part at any time.

To deposit a check using My Bank Mobile Deposits:

  • Open the My Bank Mobile App.
  • Enter your username and password and login.
  • Select “Check Deposit” from the main menu.
  • On the Check Deposit screen:
  • Select Deposit Check, review and Continue through the terms
  • Enter the amount of the check you are going to deposit.
  • Under “Deposit To,” select the account into which you would like the check deposited
  • Enter the email address to be sent a receipt of deposit
  • Endorse your check with “For Mobile Deposit at First United Bank & Trust Only” and your signature
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check.
  • Click Continue to submit your deposit.
  • You will receive an “Successful” message which confirms you have successfully transmitted the deposit information to First United. See “When will my mobile check deposit funds be available?” for information regarding the funds availability of your deposits.

You will be able to review checks you have deposited using the app within the last 30 days.

  • Open the My Bank Mobile App.
  • Enter your username and password and login to the App.
  • Select Check Deposit from the main menu
  • Select “Review” to see a list of deposits you have made using the App.
  • You may view additional deposit information, such as the account you selected for deposit, by selecting an individual deposit from the list.

Funds are generally available the next business day after the date of your deposit, provided no hold is placed and the deposit is not rejected. The date of your deposit is determined by when you make your mobile check deposit:

  • If you successfully upload a deposit to First United before 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on a business day we are open, we will consider that day to be the date of your deposit.
  • If you successfully upload a deposit to First United after 7:00 PM EST or on a business day we are not open, we will consider the next business day we are open to be the date of your deposit.
  • Your funds will not display in internet banking until they are available.

There are several reasons we may reject a check. Typical reasons that a check may be rejected include the following:

  • Your check did not meet the requirements outlined above in FAQ, “What type of checks can I deposit?”
  • Your check was not endorsed properly.
  • Your check was previously deposited.
  • The image quality was poor.
  • You will be notified by First United if your deposit is rejected via email or phone. You will have to deposit the original paper check at your local First United branch or at a deposit accepting First United ATM.

You should keep the check for at least 30 calendar days. After 30 days, as long as the check was successfully deposited into your account, void or destroy the check so it cannot be presented for deposit again.

If you accidentally deposited your check into the wrong account in your account list, once the deposit becomes available, you may transfer the funds using Internet banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking, or in person at your local First United branch.

While another person using your phone would need to also know your username and password to access your information, we encourage you to contact us to let us know that you have lost your phone. We can then disable your cell phone from mobile access to your accounts. Once you have a new phone, we can re-enroll you so that you can again have access.

A Mobile Banking Passcode, also known as a PIN, is an optional security feature offered only through Mobile Banking.  Instead of having to enter your User ID and password at each login, you can choose to create a “PIN” to quickly authenticate and access your account information. This is not a required feature. Users would have to disable Face/Touch ID recognition if the Passcode option is preferred. Passcode will only work on iPhone and Android phones and is not supported for iPad or tablets. Passcodes can be enabled through your “Settings.”  If you forget your Passcode/PIN, you can login to Mobile Banking using your username and password.

SavvyMoney is a comprehensive Credit Score program offered by your financial institution, that helps you stay on top of your credit. You get your latest credit score and report, an understanding of key factors that impact the score, and can see the most up to date offers that can help reduce your interest costs. With this program, you always know where you stand with your credit and how your financial institution can help save you money.

Credit Score also monitors your credit report daily and informs you by email if there are any big changes detected such as: a new account being opened, change in address or employment, a delinquency has been reported or an inquiry has been made. Monitoring helps users keep an eye out for identity theft.

SavvyMoney Credit Report provides you all the information you would find on your credit file including a list of open loans, accounts and credit inquiries.  You will also be able to see details on your payment history, credit utilization and public records that show up on your account. Like Credit Score, when you check your credit report, there will be no impact to your score.

No. SavvyMoney is entirely free and no credit card information is required to register.

As long as you are a regular online banking user, your credit score will be updated every week and displayed in your online banking screen. You can click “refresh score” as frequently as every day by navigating to the detailed SavvyMoney site from within online banking.

SavvyMoney pulls your credit profile from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, and uses VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring model developed collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This model seeks to make score information more uniform between the three bureaus to provide consumers a better picture of their credit health.

There are three major credit-reporting bureaus—Equifax, Experian and Transunion—and two scoring models—FICO or VantageScore—that determine credit scores. Financial institutions use different bureaus, as well as their own scoring models. Over 200 factors of a credit report may be taken into account when calculating a score and each model may weigh credit factors differently, so no scoring model is completely identical. No matter what credit bureau or credit scoring model is used, consumers do fall into specific credit ranges: Excellent 781–850, Good 661-780, Fair 601-660, Unfavorable 501-600, Bad Below 500.

No, First United Bank & Trust uses its own lending criteria for making loan.

No, your SavvyMoney Credit Score is a free service to help you understand your credit health, how you make improvements in your score and ways you can save money on your loans with First United Bank&Trust.

SavvyMoney uses bank level encryption and security measures to keep your data safe and secure. Your personal information is never shared with or sold to a third party.

SavvyMoney Credit Score can help you manage your credit so when it comes time to borrow for a big-ticket purchase—like buying a home, car or paying for college—you have a clear picture of your credit health and can qualify for the lowest possible interest rate. You’ll also see offers on how you can save money on your new and existing loans with First United Bank & Trust.

The SavvyMoney Credit Score makes its best effort to show you the most relevant information from your credit report. If you think that some of the information is wrong or inaccurate, we encourage you to take advantage of obtaining free credit reports from www.annualcreditreport.com, and then pursuing with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its own process for correcting inaccurate information but every user can “File a Dispute” by clicking on the “Dispute” link within their SavvyMoney Credit Report. However, The Federal Trade Commission website offers step-by-step instructions on how to contact the bureaus and correct errors.

Based on your SavvyMoney Credit Score information, you may receive FIrst United Bank & Trust offers on products that may be of interest to you. In most cases, these offers may have lower interest rates than the products you already have. The educational articles, written by Jean Chatzky and the SavvyMoney team, are designed to provide helpful tips on how you can manage credit and debt wisely.

No. Checking SavvyMoney Credit Score is a “soft inquiry”, which does not affect your credit score.  Lenders use ‘hard inquiries’ to make decisions about your credit worthiness when you apply for loans.

Yes. SavvyMoney will monitor and send email alerts when there’s been a change to your credit profile.

If you access SavvyMoney program through Mobile Banking, you have to do nothing! Your email address will get updated automatically in SavvyMoney when you update it through Online Banking. However we always encourage you to inform First United Bank & Trust of any contact information updates.

Yes, actually SavvyMoney Credit Score is only available for both mobile and tablet devices at this time and is integrated inside our mobile application.

In order to use Zelle®, the sender and recipient’s bank or credit union accounts must be based in the U.S.