Not everyone is good at sales off the bat, but with some work, everyone can learn what it takes to sell sand to a desert.

If your staff doesn't know how to properly finish off a sale, it is going to be difficult for your small business to make any money at all. People don't want to just hand you money because you offered them something, they want something more. It is important that all your employees provide a wealth of information and perfect customer service in every deal. If you feel you need to crack a few eggs of sales knowledge over your employees, but you're unsure about what to tell them, check out some of the selling tips below:

1. Choose listening over talking
Many people try to make the most out of their time with a client by trying to fit in as many words as possible, and only allowing the individual on the other side of the conversation to listen, according to Sandler Training. It is important to let the prospect to guide the conversation. Instruct your sales staff to leave room for the customer to control up to 70 percent of the discussion in order to ensure quality service.

2. Never ague with the customer
Some people just don't understand that it is never okay to argue with the customer. Inc. explained that if someone doesn't agree with a certain point made by your employee, arguing that idea will only cement the customer's opinion. Instead, instruct your staff to try and understand why the person feels the way he or she does. Your employees may learn something about the customer taking this approach.

3. Utilize a systemic approach
Too many people simply wing it when they're attempting to sell products, instead of taking a systemic approach they know is likely to get the deal finished, Sandler Training noted. This allows the customer to control the conversation, instead of the employee deciding on which direction the discussion takes. Often, members of your staff may lose track of what the next step is, and consequently fail to make the sale. A systemic approach to sales conversations are vital to your employees' success. 

4. Don't let the conversation meander
The customer's time is important and you and your staff shouldn't be wasting it, Inc. explained. Tell your employees to not allow the conversation to take too long to get to the point. Instead of that, have your employees take their systemic approach – tell them to put together an agenda and utilize it when speaking with customers. The prospect has other things he or she could be doing, don't allow your employees to take that individual away from those things. 

A better sales staff will allow you to work with some bigger numbers in your financial plan, so make sure they're consistently maintaining good service with these tips.