As a small business owner, you are tasked with watching over a number of employees, your company's financial plan and countless other elements. Therefore, if you don't have the motivation and a thick skin to back it up, minor problems could turn into serious issues.

With that in mind, the best leaders can walk the line in between toughness and understanding, and they are able to hide their fears while setting a strong example for their peers. If this sounds challenging, fear not – becoming a high-quality leader takes time, and putting in the effort now can set up your small business for the long haul.

In order to do that, here are a few tips and tricks to become a tough, skilled leader:

Appreciate your weaknesses
Nobody is perfect, and as a small business owner, your flaws and weaknesses will be on display for the entire company. Therefore, you shouldn't run from these traits – you should embrace them.

According to Inc. magazine, learning to manage your fears can make you a better leader. While everyone gets scared at some point during their careers, adapting mental toughness and coping with these issues is much better than turning and running away. So, the best advice to become a tougher owner is manage fears and weaknesses, and let these elements work for you instead of against you.

Remember that you are in the spotlight
As a small business owner, your actions are now under a microscope. Everything you do will be analyzed by your peers and employees, and a slip-up here or there could pose a problem for your company.

Forbes explained that because someone is constantly watching, you should learn to control your emotions and avoid outbursts. While issues can pop up all the time, such as with a financial plan, a new hire or sales, keeping those problems private and not showing frustration to the company is the better move. To help with this, it may be best to have a group of friends or colleagues that you can turn to when it is time to vent. This will allow you to air out your grievances in private, not on the office floor, and find an effective solution without causing a distraction for your team.

Becoming a tough leader isn't always easy, but it is possible. Being a small business owner means having the focus, drive and dedication to get the job done.