A small business owner should pay attention to both his or her personal – as well as the company's – finances. Smart business banking is a critical step to entrepreneurial success, and without taking advantage of the numerous financial services provided, meeting every goal might be more challenging. 

How to bank on the move
Being able to work from anywhere is a big plus for a small business owner. Using mobile banking could not only help improve the company's day-to-day operations, but also mean that personal fiscal needs are met on a regular basis. 

However, there are also some important safety tips that everyone should pay attention to. Before punching in the first pin number, smartphone users should password-protect their device, according to Time magazine. 

Jason Malo, an analyst with CEB TowerGroup​, told the news source that mobile devices are frequently lost or stolen, and only 30 percent of people lock their phones. While a four-digit code is only a minimum, he added that an eight letter and number password is much safer.

In addition, public Wi-Fi could also pose a risk to small business banking. In reality, a phone acts just like a laptop, the news source noted. Therefore, the same safety rules apply. Instead of a user piggybacking on free access, their own network is a much more secure bet. Some financial services also offer personalized apps. These are better than the Internet browser on a phone, and offer more safety features to protect mobile banking. 

Manage personal finances intelligently
In some cases, a small business owner who has their personal accounts in order is more likely to operate the company in an efficient manner. A good financial plan may start at home.

For starters, scheduling is a great way for a person to get on track, according to Entrepreneur magazine. While finding the time to monitor everything might be hard for someone who is also running their own firm, it should be attempted. Any online bill payments that can be set up automatically should help, as could looking ahead toward other expenditures.

Moreover, a personal financial strategy might be a smart place to test a business idea, the news source noted. Many different tools exist to help small business owners, and sometimes the easiest way to figure out what works and what doesn't is to give it a spin. Without first giving a device, app or service a shot, entrepreneurs might not know what works best.