Most small business owners are well aware of this problem – time off is never truly time off. Instead, the phone rings of the hook, business banking needs checking, there are countless emails to be answered and there is a constant fear of what is going wrong back at the office.

This isn't good. Too much time at work, even if the body is elsewhere, can lead to a whole mess of problems. Therefore, small business owners should put a few measures in place to make sure that the company is in good hands while they are relaxing somewhere very far away. 

Pick someone trustworthy
A vacation for an owner and entrepreneur can be made much simpler if there is somebody qualified running everything back in the office. Alison Green, in an article for U.S. News and World Report, wrote that great planning and some initiative can make time off more enjoyable.

For example, small business owners may want to plan ahead. Before departing for warm beaches and alcoholic beverages, there needs to be a dent made in that pile of work on their desk. Anything that can be completed in advance should be, so tasks aren't building up during the vacation. If this step is taken, odds are leaders will feel more comfortable stepping away from the office.

In addition, there needs to be a gatekeeper back at work, Green explained. This person will filter all calls and emails directed at the owner, so only the ones that truly matter will get through. This way, the phone won't be constantly ringing.

Take advantage of technology
Thankfully for anyone looking for some rest and relaxation, there are plenty of technological options available to make the process easier. Small business expert Mike Pugh offered some advice to The MarketingEggspert Blog about a few possible options.

For starters, Pugh recommended an automated email response or an updated voicemail greeting. Taking the time to change these features will prevent any confusion from the people still working, and it will also stop any accidental offenses or insults from a missed call or an unreturned email. In addition, call-forwarding technology can send any office phone call directly to a cell phone or hotel room.

Overall, small business owners shouldn't be afraid to take some time off. With a few technological and financial tips, it will be easier for anyone to enjoy their vacation away from work.