Celebrating 120 Years

At First United Bank & Trust, we’re really good at what we do – 120 years of practice certainly helps. Our goal has always been to create a real impact in our community. Helping people and businesses succeed has been our focus since 1900. We are proud to be celebrating our 120th anniversary—but what we’re most proud of is our legacy of partnering with this community.

My bank has an amazing purpose.

We’re not just in the banking business; we’re in the people business. We deliver an uncommon commitment to service and solutions. That’s our vision, and it’s a path that satisfies our customers and fulfills our team members. We’re heading into the future with our eyes on service. We set ourselves apart by creating value—for you, our valued customers. This vision is what separates us from the rest. We are committed to helping people and making a difference. This is why we hope you say, it’s “my bank.”

My bank makes a DIFFERENCE.

My bank is HELPFUL.

We form helpful relationships.

We model helpfulness. We build helpful relationships. Our idea of service has no beginning or end. We’re on a mission to enrich the lives of our customers and team members through excellent service and creative solutions, modern values and old-school friendliness, hard work and dedication. Like the people we serve, we live, work, volunteer and support our local communities, and simply enjoy being helpful. We’re here to build helpful community relationships that last a lifetime.

We act on our values.

  • Model helpfulness.
  • Yield to the customer.
  • Be passionate.
  • Adapt solutions.
  • Nurture trust.
  • Keep it personal.
Thank you to our community

Awards & Recognition

The Greatest of Garrett County Award Image

2020 Greatest of Garrett County

The Garrett County Republican

2020 Reader's Choice

Favorite Local Bank
Cumberland Times News

2020 Women on Boards

Recognized as a “Winning (W)” company

2019 Local Favorite BANK OR CREDIT UNION

Awarded November 2019 by Deep Creek Times

Strongest Financial Institution in the Nation

Awarded March 2019 by Bauer Financial

First United is my bank for life.


We yield to the customer. We take the time to listen and be curious, go the extra mile, and serve you well. At First United, we pause, look, watch and learn. We first slow down to understand you well, knowing each person and situation is unique. Then, we work to find a solution, look for opportunities, offer guidance, create a meaningful experience, and please you by doing more than what’s expected.

My bank is PASSIONATE.

We are passionate about people.

We’re passionate. Serving is inspiring. We’re all about serving people, fulfilling dreams and creating better lives. We are in the business of helping people accomplish things they can’t do on their own. We support the creation and growth of businesses. We make the community a better place. We foster long-term relationships. And we’re maintaining the tradition of a community bank that’s played a vital role in customers’ lives since 1900. It feels really good to feel passionate about what we do and who we help.

The History of First United Bank & Trust

  • 1900

    1900 - Main Street Oakland Photo

    In November 1900, First United is established as First National Bank of Oakland with a location on Main Street.

  • Bank by Boat

    Bank by Boat

    In May, 1963, the Lake Community Office opened, situated along the water’s edge of Deep Creek Lake, was called America’s First Banking by Boat Office by many who wrote about its existence. Dock space was provided at the rear of the building for the “sail-in” customers.””

  • Grantsville


    New branch opens in Grantsville, Maryland, expanding the area First United serves in July 1964.

  • Cumberland


    In November 1982, First United opens another new location in Cumberland Maryland on West Harrison Street.

  • Bel Air

    Bel Air

    November, 1982, First United opens a new location in Bel Air, Maryland; expanding into Cumberland.

  • Merger with Cumberland Savings

    Merger with Cumberland Savings

    In 1983, First United merged with Cumberland Savings Bank and changed our name to First United National Bank & Trust.

  • Bel Air

    Bel Air

    January 28, 1985, First United moves to a new location in Bel Air, Maryland.

  • Merger with First National Bank of Piedmont

    Merger with First National Bank of Piedmont

    In May 1988, First United merges with First National Bank of Piedmont, adding the current Tri-Towns Community Office to the First United Bank & Trust family!

  • Keyser


    First United opens a branch in Keyser, West Virginia in December 1990.

  • White Oaks

    White Oaks

    Grand Opening of the new location of our White Oaks, Maryland office on August 17, 1994.

  • Riverside


    On November 14, 1994, First United celebrated the grand opening of the new Riverside Community Office in Frederick, Maryland on Monocacy Boulevard.

  • Customer Care Center

    Our full-service, open-late, live Customer Care Center was opened in August 1995, in Oakland, Maryland. Answering over 100,000 calls annually, the Customer Care Center can be reached until 10 PM on weeknights by calling 1-888-692-2654.

  • Myersville


    In November, 1995, First United consolidated with Myersville bank, adopting the slogan My Bank!

  • Edgewood Drive

    Edgewood Drive

    On November 17, 1995, First United opened a new location in Hagerstown Maryland on South Edgewood Drive.

  • Deep Creek Lake

    Deep Creek Lake

    On December 4, 2000, First United’s Lake office in McHenry moves to a new, beautiful location.

  • Edwin Miller

    Edwin Miller

    After acquiring several offices in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area in July 2003, First United opens a new branch on Edwin Miller Boulevard on April 14, 2004.

  • Sabraton


    First United begins expansion into Morgantown with a new office in Sabraton, West Virginia on February 28, 2005.

  • Star City

    Star City

    First United continues its Morgantown, West Virginia expansion with a new office in Star City that opened in December 2006.

  • Wesel Blvd.

    Wesel Blvd.

    Market expansion continues in Hagerstown, Maryland with a new location on Wesel Boulevard which opened on March 19, 2007.

  • My Bank Express

    My Bank Express

    In September 2007, First United’s offers its first Express location with drive-up services

  • Online Account Opening

    Online Account Opening

    Expanding available digital solutions for customers, First United begins offering online personal account opening on October 18, 2008.

  • Baughmans Lane

    Baughmans Lane

    First United establishes another new office in Frederick, Maryland opening on April 22nd on Baughmans Lane.

  • Suncrest


    As the third office in Morgantown, West Virginia, First United opens a location at the Suncrest Towne Centre on June 26, 2009.

  • Keyser


    First United moves its Keyser office to a new, beautifully constructed building in December of 2010.

  • 50 Years of Wealth

    50 Years of Wealth

    The First United Trust & Investments department celebrates it’s 50th year providing customers with great service!

  • Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking

    First United begins offering personal mobile banking, allowing customers to access their accounts on-the-go in late 2011.

  • Rodeheaver Named President & CFO

    Rodeheaver Named President & CFO

    Carissa L. Rodeheaver is promoted to President and Chief Financial Officer.

  • Mobile Deposits

    Mobile Deposits

    First United begins offering mobile deposits, allowing customers and small businesses to deposit checks directly from their mobile device on August 1, 2013.

  • Soles 4 Souls

    Soles 4 Souls

    First United participates in a bankwide effort to collect and donate used shoes to the Soles 4 Souls organization; collecting over 33,000 shoes!

  • Rodeheaver Named CEO & Chairman

    Rodeheaver Named CEO & Chairman

    January 1, 2016, Carissa L. Rodeheaver is promoted to Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President.

  • Cannery Community Office Opens

    Cannery Community Office Exterior Photo

    The Cannery office opens at Gateway to Frederick City ushering the Branch of the Future concept for First United.

  • Cannery


    April 25, 2016, First United opens a new, state-of-the-art branch of the future” in the old Cannery building in Frederick

  • First United Rebranding Initiative

    New Look. Renewed Passion.

    We listened to you and changed our look. You told us you’re glad we’re still committed to community, service and solutions after all these years. So even though we’re the same bank we’ve always been, we created a fresh new logo that emphasizes our purpose — you. We’ve brightened our..Read More

  • First United Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions

    We've Been Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions in the Nation

    First United has been named a 5-star organization by Bauer Financial. Learn more here.  

  • First United Again Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions

    We've Been Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions in the Nation

    First United has been named a 5-star organization by Bauer Financial for the second year in a row. Learn more here.  

  • First United Named Local Favorite Bank or Credit Union

    2019 Deep Creek Times People’s Choice Local favorite Bank or Credit Union. The future is bright at First United Bank & Trust and we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Awarded in November 2019 by Deep Creek Times People’s Choice Award. Our goal as an organization has always been to exceed expectations. Not just the expectations of our customers, but also the expectations of the communities we serve. After all, we are a true community bank. We will continue to..Read More

  • First United Again Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions

    We've Been Named One of the Strongest Financial Institutions in the Nation

    First United has been named a 5-star organization by Bauer Financial for the third year in a row. Learn more here.  

  • First United Honored by 2020 Women on Boards for Female Board Representation

    2020 Women on Boards - Accelerating Women into Corporate Boardrooms

    First United Corporation (NASDAQ: FUNC), a bank holding company and the parent company of First United Bank & Trust, has been recognized as a “Winning (W)” company by 2020 Women on Boards, the premier global education and advocacy campaign committed to increasing the number of women on corporate boards. “We are..Read More

  • First United Named Greatest in Garrett County

    The Greatest of Garrett County Award Image

    Awarded in September 2020 by The Garrett County Republican Our goal as an organization has always been to exceed expectations. Not just the expectations of our customers, but also the expectations of the communities we serve. After all, we are a true community bank. We will continue to invest in..Read More

My bank can CUSTOMIZE.

We like to craft a unique solution.

We adapt solutions. We are a trusted advisor. We listen well and customize. We see people as individuals. We’re flexible. Because we are confident, and believe in ourselves and our bank, we are able to deliver a refreshing level of customization. Respectful teamwork empowers us to satisfy all of your needs. And because we are passionate about people, we know that the right solution will have a positive effect. We find only those answers that enable you to better enjoy life and foster our community’s prosperity.


We are trusted advisors.

We nurture trust. We are knowledgeable experts. At First United, we take advantage of every opportunity to improve skills, grow personally, pursue intellectual advancement and refine our emotional intelligence too. We are focused on achievement, and are rewarded and recognized for superior service and personal development. So we work together as a team to earn each other’s respect and be trustworthy. You are counting on us, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Carissa Rodeheaver
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

My bank is PERSONAL.

We offer that personal touch.

We keep it personal. It makes a difference. At First United, we are curious and caring, wanting to know you firsthand, and understand your financial and personal goals. We are family oriented, so we like to get to know each other well too. We are passionate about helping find solutions to challenges. This highly individualized approach to banking shows that we still hold onto the ideals of trust and friendship, experience and compassion, priorities and purpose.

My bank is MY PARTNER.

We are all in this together.

We pledge to live by these values we’ve shared with you, and to provide the support and resources that you need to deliver on our promises. By embracing these values in our daily activities, where our unique talents and passions expand, we want you to be able to notice the difference, value the experience, and say, “That’s my bank—my helpful, trusted partner for life.”

Talk to one of our Hometown Experts in Community Office near you. 


We love to see you shine.

To enrich the lives of everyone in our community, let’s unite and work together as a team committed to a common goal. After all, we’re called First United. We are all innately passionate about being here for people, helping this community succeed and sincerely wanting to be a part of every solution. Carefully cultivated relationships, uncommon service and a dedication to customize solutions set us apart, impact this community’s future and make people want to say, “That’s my bank!”

Dollars Donated To Our Communities Annually

Hours of Volunteerism Donated Annually In Our Communities

Hours of Financial Education Outreach

Executive Team

Carissa L. Rodeheaver

Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board

Carissa L. Rodeheaver

Review Carissa’s profile.


Tonya K. Sturm

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tonya K. Sturm

Read Tonya’s profile.


Keith Sanders

Senior Vice President and Senior Trust Officer

Keith Sanders

Read Keith’s profile.


Jason B. Rush

Chief Operating Officer

Jason B. Rush


R.L. Fisher

Chief Revenue Officer

R.L. Fisher


Karen Malecki

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Karen Malecki


Latest News & Announcements

2020 First United – United Way Golf Tournament

2020 First United – United Way Golf Tournament

The 2020 First United golf tournament to benefit the United Way was held in a unique environment, due to COVID 19 restrictions. However, our teams had a great day and beautiful weather to enjoy the course. We will update this post later with results of the amount...

First United Wins Garrett County Republican’s “Garrett’s Greatest” Readers’ Choice Award

First United Wins Garrett County Republican’s “Garrett’s Greatest” Readers’ Choice Award

​2020 marks the inaugural presentation of the Garrett County Republican’s ‘Garrett’s Greatest’ Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards are the results of this year’s survey that were published in the Garrett County Republican and the republican website and Facebook page during the months of July & August. Nearly 34,000 votes were counted and all winners will be announced in a special supplement today (9/24/20), in the Garrett County Republican.