Gas prices are one of those budget items that are unpredictable at times. Oil prices can be affected by the political climate, trade disputes and refinery issues. You can fuel up for $50 one week and pay nearly twice that much the next.

You can’t control the gas prices, but you can find ways to cut your fuel costs. Here are six money-saving apps for you to consider.

  • Gas Buddy is one of the most popular websites and apps, but it comes with some challenges. The site relies on people to report the lowest prices they see. Some reviewers have complained that many people are not posting prices they see but their best guesses. The app is great for trip planning. You can put in your destination and get an idea of how much money will you need to spend on fuel based on the average costs. Users can earn points and win free gas through the app’s promotions.
  • Gas Guru is similar to Gas Buddy and may be a better option if you don’t have a lot of storage space on your phone. But like Gas Buddy, you may find the prices are not always accurate since the app relies on user reports.
  • Waze is a navigation tool that can save money for you at the pump, too. For example, you plan your fuel costs using Gas Buddy, but you don’t plan for the 10-car pileup that leaves you stalled on the interstate for hours. Waze can alert you to upcoming traffic hazards and reroute you so that you can save fuel costs (and time!).
  • MapQuest remains one of the most popular navigation tools even with new competitors such as Waze entering the market every day. Like other apps, you can navigate your fuel costs. The app also shows you hotels and restaurants on your trip so you can budget for more than just gas.
  • iExit Gas tells motorists which interstate exit has the cheapest gas. You can use the developer’s main iExit app to help you plan trips.
  • AAA Mobile has the name of one of the most trusted U.S. companies, but recent reviews have indicated problems with the app. Features include trip planning, discounts and a way to get assistance if you break down while on the road. The app is free to download and you can connect it to your AAA account. (And if you DO have a AAA account, see below for further possible savings!)

While you can’t control gas prices, you can control reward earnings on everyday purchases, like gas.  Search for any of these apps by name in your smartphone app store!

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