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Estate Planning

Settling the estate of a relative or close friend is a demanding and time-consuming process. Emotions are often running high at a time when numerous financial details must be addressed. In addition, proper estate settlement requires financial, tax, legal and administrative expertise.

Of all the services offered by the professionals at First United Wealth Management, none fills a greater need than estate settlement. Whether acting as executor (also known as a personal representative in some states) or as agent for the executor, we understand the broad responsibilities required and are well qualified to carry them out on your behalf.

First United Wealth Advisors are specialists, experienced in the orderly administration of estates. Serving as your Agent, we will:

  • Safeguard Assets
  • Arrange for an inventory and appraisals
  • Collect income
  • Keep records
  • Monitor the estate’s investment portfolio
  • Make recommendations based on estate objectives
  • Execute investment transactions
  • Assist with tax planning
  • Prepare income tax and estate tax returns
  • Prepare the final accounting to be presented to the court and the beneficiaries

Whether acting as your Executor or as an Agent for the Executor, our goal is to relieve you of the significant time required by an intricate process, and to provide you with impartial guidance and an invaluable depth of experience. Please contact us today to learn more about how our Estate Settlement Services can be tailored to address your specific needs.

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