While ensuring their company is operating at a high level after securing commercial loans to get their businesses off the ground, executives and managers of businesses nationwide also need to make sure they're not burning the candle at both ends.

To achieve a solid work-life balance, company heads should take certain helpful steps.

For instance, developing a comprehensive, detailed schedule that outlines exactly what they'll be doing and where they'll be – home, the office, client meetings, etc. – can greatly aid administrators in maintaining a good balance between work and home life.

In a similar vein, when at home, it may be ideal for business managers to plan exactly how they will utilize their down time. It can be easy to fall into the trap of checking up on work-related matters too often when at home, so planning their days thoroughly around home tasks to take care of can keep execs and admins from spending too much time thinking of their businesses.

One exec who can attest that planning in advance for times to work and times to be at home is a top-notch strategy is Boston Beer founder Jim Koch. He noted to USA Today that scheduling time for family is imperative.

"You have to do as much planning and prep for that time as you do for your business time," Koch told the paper.