After 12 grades and four years of college, most of us are done with learning. We've received our degrees, so there is no more use for education. However, just because you graduated doesn't mean you can't continue to learn. Owning a small business and managing a staff provide you with perfect opportunities to increase your and your employees' knowledge. Why should you create an educational environment, you may ask. For the answers to that question, take a look at the tips below:

1. A knowledgeable staff is a happy staff
According to a 2009 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, 50 percent of employees replied that the work itself played a role in how much they enjoyed their jobs, and 34 percent indicated that they preferred a variety of tasks. Just because a position description doesn't include a certain duty doesn't mean a worker can't do it. In addition to regular responsibilities, switch it up and give your employees something outside their daily tasks. Not only will they appreciate the variety, they'll enjoy working on something new.

2. Hire for open positions from within
While it's nice to get fresh blood in the company, training someone new can be a nuisance. If you have a knowledgeable workforce, you'll be able to promote your employees instead of hiring from outside for higher-level positions, The Startup Magazine explained. You'll already have started training your workers for various positions if you follow the first tip, so why not look at them to fill open positions. This way you can hire entry-level employees, which will be cheaper for your financial plan and will allow you the opportunity to teach a new round of workers.

3. More skills means fewer mistakes
If your employees know what they're doing, then they'll make fewer errors while they're working. Keep training your workers for a more productive workforce, according to the source. While they may not always enjoy criticism, it'll help them along the way. Make sure you're offering constructive advice and let them know ways that will both simplify and improve the workload. Varied responsibilities and new methods will ensure that your employees' knowledge is always growing.

An educational work environment can not only provide your staff with extra skills, but it will also ensure they're dedicated to you and their jobs, The Startup Magazine said. By teaching your employees, you show them that you're invested in their development as workers and that you appreciate what they do for you. Provide your staff with the opportunity to grow, and you'll be faced with loyal workers.