You chose the location for your company for a reason, whether it was cost, the vision for your business or the building's surroundings. No matter the reason, you became part of a community. Its residents frequent your company and keep your doors open. Why not give back to them? Volunteering, either your time or money, comes with countless benefits for both you and your neighborhood.

Boosting company morale
To survive in today's world, working is a must. However, depending on someone's skills, he or she could have the choice of several different positions. When it comes down to it, what a company has to offer that the other can't plays a large role. A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found 88 percent of millennials would join a company with a Corporate Social Responsibility program, according to the Huffington Post. However, 86 percent of employees would also consider leaving their jobs if the CSR no longer met their standards.

Giving back to the community can also increase employee job satisfaction and co-worker relationships, Entrepreneur explained. When people feel like they're accomplishing something, they'll feel closer to the others on their team, which can only increase happiness at the company. Let's not forget that, in general, you feel good after doing good. More than 50 percent of millennials who volunteer with their co-workers also feel more loyalty, pride and satisfaction toward their companies, HuffPost reported.

Your company's philanthropic services can also lead to networking opportunities, according to Entrepreneur. Donating your time and money can have you rubbing elbows with the most affluent and influential people in town. When you have something in common with the leaders of the community, you'll be able to establish a relationship with them and build goodwill. The more people you know, the more you can accomplish, the source explained. If you have a larger idea to benefit the neighborhood, you'll be able to get it done with the help of their backing. It also doesn't hurt that mutual interests can lead to increased business for your company.

Improving your community
You work, and maybe even live, in the area that your business is in. The only way to be successful is to have a positive reputation with the locals, and 40 percent of a company's respectability comes from volunteering and its CSR, HuffPost explained. When you give back to your community, you'll make other people want to pay it forward. If people see others doing good, there's a chance they'll want to follow in their footsteps, according to Entrepreneur. An increase in philanthropy can only positively affect a community. Volunteering your time improves the neighborhood by creating a happier and safer place for people to live and work. You'll also be able to improve the general aesthetic of the area, by cleaning parks, sidewalks and playgrounds. Planting some flowers, picking up trash or repainting the swing set will improve the appearance of your community.

Skills-based volunteering can also do wonders for both your locality and your employees. You could provide assistance that not everyone in the neighborhood can afford or perform, whether that's offering financial services or grocery shopping. Pro bono work shows you care about others and will give you a good feeling. It will also help your employees increase their day-to-day skills as well as learn new ones. Those who participate in SBV programs are 142 percent more likely to report improvements in job-related skills and 91 percent of executives claimed their volunteering workers had learned leadership and business abilities, HuffPost explained.

Offering your time and money can benefit both your company and the surrounding community. Find something that aligns with your business's values and don't be afraid to get your employees involved. Volunteering together can lead to a greater bond and more respect.