When it comes to our jobs, we all want to do what we love. However, when we're first starting out, that's not always possible. There are other items such as bills, mortgages and families to worry about. As the years pass, those problems won't always be your biggest concern though. Retirement just may be your chance for new opportunities.

Baby boomers take the lead
A recent study from Gallup reported that people aged 50 and over are more likely to start a small business. Eighty-three percent of those surveyed reported wanting a lifestyle change, such as more independence, the chance to follow their passions or an increase in income.

"When you're older, your mind isn't as cluttered with things like it is when you're younger," Susan Jones told Forbes. "You have the time to dedicate to it. If you have the energy and the idea, why not?"

By the time baby boomers reach retirement age, they have acquired the skills and connections that will help them in the entrepreneurial world. According to the source, families and finances aren't as big of worries as they were when this group was younger. They now have the time to focus solely on building a business. Baby boomers can also think of people who would be great business partners (66 percent) and of places that cater to entrepreneurs (44 percent), the study reported.

Banks more willing to loan
As workers grow older, banks are more likely to trust them with their money. Baby boomers are excellent applicants for commercial loans, according to another Gallup study. Half of them have more than $100,000 in investable assets, as opposed to Generation X (37 percent) and millennials (14 percent). This makes the more mature generation trustworthy in the eyes of financial services. There's less of a risk of them defaulting on their loans if they have the personal finances to cover it.

Even if baby boomers aren't the main owner, banks will look favorably on those younger entrepreneurs who have experienced partners, Entrepreneur explained. Baby boomers are able to emit an air of reliability that will let investors trust their expertise, as opposed to millennials who might have limited experience. Once a business is up and running, the older partner can take a behind-the-scenes role and let the younger entrepreneur take the reins.

While entrepreneurship provides opportunities for people of all ages, those who are reaching or have surpassed the retirement age fair the best. With their experience and skills, they're able to successfully start a business from the ground up.