Just when the economy is starting to turn around and confidence levels are starting to warm for the first time since the recession began, it looks like legislators may be dropping a bombshell on progress. Annual budget dilemmas could result in sweeping funding cuts at the federal level, resulting in less money for small entities as spending slows down and other programs including medicare, Social Security and more see drastic changes.

To promote a sound financial plan, opening an account and structuring services for disaster preparation should begin now. Here are some tips to help.

Learn the facts – The upcoming budget crisis is due to sequestration and a budget passed in August of 2011, which will come into effect January of 2013. Companies should start putting away money and cutting costs where they can to promote financial fitness should the market begin to recede again as it did in 2008. National Public Radio stated, while these motions have not been passed into action yet, companies need to be prepared with emergency plans in case they should come through.

Do not overspend – This should be a constant corporate message, but during times of plenty, organizations can get a bit lax with their spending policies. Reviewing expenses and reducing unnecessary services will help retain more income and better prepare for potential monetary droughts. The Washington Business Journal wrote that working on price points can help too, since ensuring that all goods and services are valued competitively can help bring in more business even when times are tough.

Assess employees – It may sound mean, but having the right people in a business venture can make the difference between success and failure. The Washington Post forecasted that actions this January could result in heightened unemployment especially of government workers, and a company needs to be sure it has competent team players on its side before any more unemployment spikes hit, throwing personal finance into turmoil.

Just as in any forecasted period of economic difficulty, have a financial plan in place to maintain stability and keep a company soluble is key to continuity. Creating these strategies now should take precedence before a disaster happens.