Every business wants to grow, and the trick is doing it in a fast and effective way. It all starts with the customer, and a small business owner needs to prioritize how to get the most out of a sales and marketing strategy.

With a good financial plan, it can be easy to increase revenue and propel a company on the right track.

The best way for a business to succeed
Every aspect of a company is critical, but one of the most direct reasons for financial growth is sales. In an article for Forbes magazine, contributor Simon Reynolds notes new businesses should devote nearly 80 percent of a day to focusing on sales. For a more established organization, that time can be lower, but should still hover around 30 percent.

Naturally, sales is where a business grows, and many financial tips involve customer relations. Time spent selling can make more opportunities appear for a small business, and increase the likelihood of something good happening, in any part of a company.

Reynolds recommends calculating the amount of time currently spent on sales, then setting an optimistic goal to triple that. Devoting more to sales can have a drastic improvement on a business, and it is definitely worth a shot for any small, new business. It can immediately speed up growth. Sales should be watched very closely, and a company will operate smoother if the sales team and management are working well together, even under constant scrutiny.

Maintaining a strong business growth starts with a financial plan rooted in quality sales. Without the base income, an enterprise will not succeed. 

Improve marketing production
Marketing ties directly in with sales, and both revolve around good customer relations and a quality product. Having a strategy that truly connects with clients is key, and it is important to develop a brand identity that connects with many people. 

It may sound obvious, but happy customers spend money. Reward them, and invite more feedback and direct conversations, brand strategist Debra Kaye wrote in Entrepreneur magazine. It helps to be accessible, and healthy public relations will grow a business. A company wants to know what the consumer thinks of a product, and it is beneficial to also know how it is being used. One innovative idea can be translated across an entire brand.

The best financial tips start with great partnerships, and that extends to the customer. Let users create unique advertisements, instead of hiring actors. Take the actual words and opinions of real people to create better marketing. This will forge a closer connection between a business and the clients, and improve sales.