Each year, consumers and businesses fall victim to all kinds of cybercrimes ranging from ID theft to skimming to computer hacking.  The latest scam used by criminals is referred to as “number spoofing”.  This is illegal.  The criminal clones a phone number and makes it appear as a legitimate business phone number on the victim’s caller ID display.

A number of criminal gangs are turning to phones in order to persuade consumers and businesses into handing over their life savings.  You should be suspicious if you are asked to provide your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), your online banking passwords, or to transfer or withdraw any money.  Your bank or police department will NEVER ASK you for this information.

Here are a few tips for handing these calls:

  • – NEVER give out or confirm your personal or financial information to anyone that calls.
  • – If you feel pressured to give an answer, please hang up. This is a sure sign of a scam. If you’re unsure, call First United at 1-888-692-2654.
  • – DO NOT wire money or send money using a reloadable card. Never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if it looks like the correct name and phone number.

As a reminder, your bank will NEVER ask you for your full PIN, online passwords or to do a test transaction.  Below are a few additional tips to keep you safe from cyber criminals.

  • – NEVER open a link from an email that asks you to enter your online banking details
  • – NEVER carry out a test transaction online
  • – DO NOT provide your personal and/or banking information in an email or text message
  • – NEVER provide your full PIN or any online banking passwords over the phone or via email
  • – NEVER authorize the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over any cash
  • – ONLY use your bank’s official mobile applications for your mobile banking services

Please share this information with your family and friends.  First United wants to make sure no one becomes a victim to cybercrimes.  If you have any concerns or questions, contact your local banking team.