A business shouldn't become a one-person job. The best companies find partners and assemble motivated teams that can help the venture grow for years to come.

A financial plan may account for finding new ways to build relationships, and it doesn't take a lot out of the budget to connect via the Internet. Partners have the potential to introduce fresh ideas and funds into a firm, and small business owners should take every available opportunity to meet people and network. 

Take advantage of online influencers
What are online influencers? Typically, these are people who create a charismatic online presence and use the Internet to build respect among peers in their industry, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Celebrities, bloggers and journalists can all be influencers, and these people have an advanced knowledge about a specific field. Therefore, small business owners can drastically benefit from connecting with influencers online, and strategies to do so easily fit into any financial plan. 

Moreover, social media sites are a great way to connect, and are usually the best methods for boosting an online presence, both for influencers and small business owners. Twitter is a wildly popular choice, as the site is easy and fast to use. Not only can it provide a company with the means to reach business partners and customers, but it also provides up-to-date news coverage – which is customizable depending on the user's preferences. 

However, a business should never overlook the power of LinkedIn. This site is one of the largest collections of professionals, Entrepreneur magazine noted. Creating a profile will allow a company to quickly network with others in the industry, and it has the potential to help build new partnerships.

Using social media sites make for great financial tips because each one is often free to use, and offers a diverse user base. 

Additionally, connecting with online influencers requires a little give-and-take. A small business owner should understand what element of the company is of value to the other person, and offer to donate services for a discount. If the end result is a recommendation from the other person, that may be a big step forward for a smaller firm. 

Good etiquette is a networking-must
Connecting with potential professional partners might never get off of the ground if proper business etiquette is forgotten at the door. Many people feel awkward in social settings, but presentation is important, according to author Barbara Pachter, who recently contributed some excerpts from her upcoming book to Business Insider.

The first impression remains a priority, she explained, and a business meeting should begin with an introduction of full names, not nicknames, titles or abbreviations. This moment may provide integral information about the other person, since how they want to be introduced is important. Standing is also crucial, as remaining seated makes it easier to be ignored. 

Every once in a while, impromptu meetings may take place. While it is fantastic that a small business owner gets to talk with possible partners, they should always remember to avoid saying "thank you" too often, even if it feels required, Pachter noted. Thanks should be reserved for the end of the conversation, and constantly saying it may make a person come across as needy, instead of grateful.

In addition, saying "thank you" at the end of the meeting shouldn't be the last time. A note sent afterwards, either via email or traditional mail, is a wonderful gesture that may set a person apart from others. 

A financial plan might get a boost from a great business partner, and it doesn't require a lot of money to have quality etiquette and online connecting skills. A small business owner should focus on networking in order to expand a growing company.