A successful small business doesn't only depend on the idea, it also hinges on the role players. 

A new company will only be prosperous if the founding team allows it to be, Entrepreneur explained. As a small business begins to grow, it will require the strong chemistry of a core team that works together successfully. 

OnStartups explained that the best way to find the perfect team is to organize a structured hiring process. This starts with understanding exactly what sort of talents you will need to expand your business. Finding the right employees will take a bit of work, but finding the ultimate core team is worth it. First, the startup advice blog recommended researching the candidates online presence. Next, an initial interview over the phone should be conducted in order to determine basic qualifications and experience. Following the first round of questions, the blog suggested having the individual come in, so that you can assess his or her personality. 

During this process you should be looking for the personality types that will work best at your small business. Some of the best archetypes for startups include: 

1. A visionary
Entrepreneur explained that a visionary, or dreamer, is the primary role in driving a small business forward. This role is often filled by the founder who possesses the idea and the highest goals for the company. This is the individual who is able to captivate employees, and inspire people inside and outside of the organization. Visionaries don't just come up with the purpose of the small business, they are also the ones who ensure that the venture adheres to its principles. 

2. The beast
The beast is named because he or she is able to get things done, according to OnStartups. This person has an insane capacity for labor output, and will be able to get more done in a day than most. This personality type strives to be the best that they can at everything, by doing as much as the possibly can to get work done. This archetype is fulfilled by an individual with boundless energy and an immeasurable drive. 

3. The champion of customer service
Your small business indubitably will have end users, and you're going to need somebody to deal with them properly, according to Entrepreneur. A successful startup will need an employee who has highly developed customer service skills, and whose primary role is to handle the needs of end users. This person make sure that every discussion with the customer is simple, clear and concise. A number of recently successful companies have made end user roles integral pieces of their teams including Airbnb and Uber. 

4. The Lara Croft
OnStartups has interesting names for archetypes, and this one describes individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are willing to take risks. This is the kind of person who is perfectly willing to create their own tasks and set personal goals for themselves in order to improve the company. Small business owners should seek out at least one person who is a self starter, willing to do things not because you ask them to, but because they yearn to complete the goals they set for themselves. 

5. The Architect
This is another personality suggested by OnStartups. This is the person who can take a general idea and break it down into tiny details. Financial plans come with ease to the person who can break down the big picture into the granular and manageable pieces of the whole. The little things are what keep this type of individual focused on his or her work. This kind of person will know the intricate details of their previous jobs when you speak to them. 

Small business owners should seek these five personality types in order to put together the perfect core team.