Each day, nearly everybody wakes up mere inches away from a piece of technology. Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, tablet or even an Internet-connected smoke detector, these pieces of intelligent hardware have made their way into nearly every facet of daily life.

And, small businesses aren't exempt. Entrepreneurs and owners could find that technology will become an increasingly prominent part of running a company, which could change the corporate climate and take the process in a whole new direction. In order to keep a financial plan on track, it may be helpful to pay attention to a few new trends and tips regarding technology.

Emergence of the Internet of Things
What exactly is the Internet of Things? An older phrase that has been used for a number of different reasons, this is essentially the concept of connecting everyday items to the Internet. This level of connectivity allows for greater user control and provides added benefits, such as a more controlled environment and easy accessibility.

Bzur Haun, CEO of Visage, wrote in an article for Inc. magazine that the Internet of Things has found its way into businesses as well. This is changing how people operate on a daily basis, where technology understands what users want and acts accordingly. This could lead to instant gratification for customers, too. A smart device can alert suppliers that the stock is running low, so a store never runs out of a product. Tasks can be handled remotely, and employees could be more productive with the added assistance. 

Take advantage of technology
As smarter and more integrated devices find their way into businesses, owners shouldn't be afraid to jump on board. A financial plan can be tailored to accommodate these tools, and that could result in a more efficient company.

According to The Telegraph, small businesses may want to install the best available technology across the venture. This is because productivity can rely heavily on this aspect, and a failure in one area could have a large impact across the entire operation. Most importantly, being able to work on the go is vital. Resources like mobile banking or other portable devices can provide immense value to an organization, and it can't hurt to have employees able to reach clients, the office and anyone else – wherever they may end up. However, with this, it is crucial to remember security. A strong password policy and other regulations within the office can be a big help.