A small business may be at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring new employees and keeping them around for a long time. The fewer staff members there are to begin with, the more each potential hire is magnified.

Therefore, managers may want to use a fresh approach to the process, and consider mixing things up in order to take the highest quality talent away from their bigger competitors.

Put a real-world spin on hiring
A small business should always scout for the best talent. Hiring the wrong person could have a serious effect on the financial plan. Accordingly, several entrepreneurs are using extreme tactics to make sure that each candidate is cut out for the job.

For instance, one company puts the new hire to a vote, according to Inc. magazine. This might work for a small business, and it helps eliminate potentially bad apples. Few managers want to fire immediately after hiring, and this step could prevent that. After a 45-day trial, candidates are voted on by the entire firm. One negative response could mean the person is out. The harsh level of attention early on typically results in better employees, and less turn-over.

In addition, an interview might be spiced up with a little "fake" rejection, the news source noted. One interviewer pretended to turn down potential new hires for a sales position, just to see how they handled the stress. While some people accepted it, others fought for the position and defended their talents. The test showed who was capable of adapting in a real world situation, and also illustrated how well they could sell themselves. 

The importance of hiring the right people
Quality employees can make or break a company, and owners should look for the best financial tips to make the process work. Many ventures, however, often have trouble with this aspect.

Roughly 60 percent of small business owners said that hiring was their most difficult responsibility, according to a survey by The Washington Post. The entire task could drastically impact a financial plan, which means performing it properly is a must.

Smaller companies should focus on their positives, the news source reported. The unique qualities need to be pointed out to potential hires, and being small can still be a plus for many. This way, people may be tempted to avoid the big competitor and go somewhere else. If a business focuses on the hiring process, it could benefit the entire operation – from top to bottom.