Hiring trends in the small business world are driven by a number of factors, including a burgeoning economy and improved profits. Depending on the current climate, managers may find that it is either relatively easy to find quality help – or extremely difficult.

Better employees will result in a significant boost to a small business' financial plan and other economic factors. Without these skilled workers, it could be challenging to stay the course and improve sales year after year. Due to these important elements, it should be a priority for all small businesses to bring in the best possible staff members for the company.

Consumer demand impacts hiring trends
One of the biggest factors behind increased – or decreased – hiring activity among small businesses is consumer demand, according to a recent survey conducted by SurePayroll, an online payroll services provider. 

In fact, 67 percent of the survey respondents, which included a number of small business owners across the country, stated that growing consumer demand would cause them to start hiring once more. This is in stark contrast to last year's results, which found that only 30 percent would respond in this fashion.

"If the demand is there, small businesses will hire," said Scott Brandt, vice president of marketing for SurePayroll. "Put differently, hiring should track sales and revenue more than other factors, such as needing to fill specific roles or workload."

Ask the right questions during an interview
Small business owners have a tough task in front of them when it comes time to start hiring again. Finding the right employees can be tricky – and a mistake here could have a widespread effect across the company, including the financial plan.

According to Inc. magazine, this can be accomplished by asking the right questions during the interview process. For starters, managers may want to ask the candidate if they foresee any disruptions or major shifts in the industry. This answer can shed some light on the person's ability to innovate, and it could also highlight a few flaws with a business model that may not have been obvious.

Above all else, small businesses should look for staff members who are willing to question the status quo, Inc. magazine noted. Bringing in this type of employee could lead to new developments, products and variations within the company itself.