Providing fair and accurate information to workers is essential at the office, but in some cases, it is legally required. The Department of Labor provides a comprehensive list of all the signage that must be prominently displayed in the workplace, and failing to present these posters can result in a citation or fine being laid against the company. Businesses should also be mindful that some of their workforce may be multilingual, so obtaining signs in different languages may also be required. Wage and hour signs There are a number of laws in place protecting payment rates and delivery of funds, and employers must abide by state and federal guidelines when carrying out payroll procedures. To make sure this is actually happening, workers need to know what these rules are so that they can make certain for themselves that they are being treated fairly. Employers must put up posters regarding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), disability rights, minimum wage, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), polygraph protection and general rights of workers. Each of these signs carries its own penalties if they are not displayed somewhere in the office where they can easily be viewed. The Small Business Administration has extra guidance for companies that aren’t sure if they have all the right materials in place. Safety and compliance Another major signage area pertains to the conditions under which people must work. Some may think that only construction and manual labor are subject to these guidelines, but every office must be up to par with federal and state conditions to remain in operation. The U.S. Department of Labor also provides these guidelines for companies that need them, both in the form of online resources and physical posters for the workplace. Posted notices should include job health and safety information, equal employment directives and resources for migrant, farming and other agricultural jobs. There are other kinds of signs and markers that should also be displayed to facilitate the use of these federal resources. Putting up safety markers and warning directions, informing workers of their rights and placing reminders for online references in visible areas helps employees know that a company is being honest and looking out for them.