How can a small business owner succeed and grow in their chosen field? One answer, for many, is with a strong marketing campaign. 

However, this costs money, and without business banking and a financial plan, owners may see a wasted effort. A recent survey has found that cost concerns rank high for these entrepreneurs and professionals, although a number of useful tools do exist in order to capitalize on affordable marketing.

An interest in outsourcing
For many small business owners, every aspect of the company is handled internally. Despite this, new information has shown that many are interested in outsourcing their marketing and social media activities, although the overall price has some worried.

According to a survey from Constant Contact, a number of participants noted that they would prefer to outsource several common in-house marketing tactics. For example, social media – which 96 percent of small business owners said they perform within the company. 

"We hear from small businesses that it's challenging to keep pace with evolving online marketing technologies, from Facebook ads, to mobile-optimized websites, to Google Analytics, so it's understandable that many outsource these kinds of activities," said Christopher Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Constant Contact.

Based on the survey data, respondents spend roughly 33 hours per week on marketing. This could end up being a significant expense, which is why some small business owners are considering outsourcing as an alternative method. 

How to tell if a strategy is working
Due to the large amount of time that small businesses put into social media, owners should always have an eye on key metrics. This way, they can make sure the strategy is working, and a financial plan isn't taking an unnecessary hit. 

The best way to measure social media is with Google Analytics, according to Entrepreneur magazine. This resource can highlight website conversions, follow who is clicking and even note how long they're hanging around. With strong content, social media will be a great way to boost traffic and consumer interest in a company.

Great posts should be a staple across all platforms, the news source noted. Social media should be engaging, which might result in more people sharing posts and spreading the word. When tracking metrics, it is important to check how many followers are coming in and if they are staying. Additionally, costs are also worth recording.

Overall, social media can help a small business. As long as the costs are kept affordable, this strategy could be an ideal method to attract customers and increase interest in a company.