When it comes to marketing, few strategies are as cost-effective and friendly to a financial plan as social media. A small business could receive a serious boost from implementing these sites into the company, and there are several ways one could do just that.

However, it is important to remember that social media takes time and effort. While it may seem easy to simply post every once in a while, a constant presence is needed to maintain the positive effects. What's more, the brand could quickly take a hit from one small misstep, so proper management is a must to keep it all together.

Social media trends taking hold
Websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be fantastic resources for a company to build its brand. Marketers often look to take advantage of social media, and several key trends appear to be gaining momentum into 2014.

For instance, more businesses are creating employee advocates to help promote the company, according to Inc. magazine. These staff members will take to social media and post about the firm and interact with clients. 

However, this could be risky without a good social media governance policy, the news source noted. With one, any negative posts could be avoided, and it will be easier to manage these employees. The tradeoff is well worth it, though. Having employee advocates stretches a financial plan and is an affordable way to increase brand awareness.

Additionally, more businesses are educating followers instead of conversing with them, Inc. magazine explained. Essentially, posts are specific educational content that provide clear value to users. Then, a larger audience could be built.

Social media content tips
While social media is often included in a solid list of financial tips, the content needs to be quality in order to improve a brand. According to SocialMediaExaminer.com, each site has its own way to capitalize on the audience.

When it comes to Twitter, small businesses could join the conversation, the website explained. This site uses hashtags as a way to organize similar posts, and a company can follow and join in. Interacting with customers is a good way to develop relationships.

Regardless of the social media site, companies could post about industry events. For example, after visiting a trade show or conference, the firm should send out updates about what happened, as well as key topics. This way, it will be easier to reach the target audience and bolster the brand.