A small business needs a great leader at the helm – someone who can handle any problems and make sure that the financial plan stays on track.

The problem is that becoming this type of person isn't exactly easy, but it is possible. All it takes is some know-how and a little hard work, and these traits don't have to be around since birth in order to manifest later in life. Instead, small business owners should take note of a few simple ways to become the best possible figurehead of a company. 

Don't shy away from change
Change is par for the course at any firm, regardless of whether that refers to financial investment advice, the business model, employee turnover or any other factor. Therefore, great leaders have to be willing to embrace it, according to Inc. magazine. Without a positive outlook toward this element, there is a good chance that opportunities could slip by, and a lack of flexibility could lead to more problems than solutions.

In addition, Inc. magazine noted that the small business owner also has the responsibility to set an example at the office. Other staff members look to this person for advice and direction, so their behavior is critical. A fantastic leader can show positive behavior and allow others to follow them toward success.

Foster a collaborative culture
While small business owners have to set an example at the company, they can't do it all alone. With that in mind, leaders should encourage growth out of all employees and create a corporate atmosphere that breeds collaboration and teamwork.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, the same friendly approach to customer relations should be how communication works inside the firm. For example, leaders can't demand politeness out of their employees and then be rude during the workday. Instead, the small business must be a supportive and enjoyable place for everyone. Upper management should make themselves available whenever possible, and always be willing to answer questions or help out where needed. This can start with a simple question to an employee, and the more leaders are present around the office the better the culture will be.

Overall, a small business can greatly benefit by having fantastic leadership at the top. Without it, the company could flounder and the financial plan may have a hard time staying on track. So, it is worth any effort required to create a comfortable, productive workplace.