Engaging the customer base in unique, exciting ways should happen constantly for every business. Social media provides a fantastic tool to do just this, and in recent years many new sites have cropped up that give a chance to talk with people on a personal level not previously possible. These strategies are cost-effective and productive, and factor in to any sound financial plan

Tech tips for better communication
Small businesses must capitalize on the ever-evolving world of social media. According to USA Today, several technology leaders recently spoke about some tips for small business owners at National Small Business Week. 

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, gave a few bits of advice about effective communication, which was ironically plaguing his company. Chiefly, he noted management should focus on making everything easier for their companies, and this can mean designing and building quality organization first, then focus on the product. The types of simple dialog that Twitter provides everyday is a concept that might be applied in other aspects of an organization. 

Additionally, technology provides an opportunity to streamline many processes within a company, including financial services and daily organization. Dorsey also co-founded Square, a new venture that provides a credit card reader for smart phones, giving mobile businesses the chance to make easy transactions with minimal fees. It also prevents owners from needing credit checks prior to swiping that first card.

"You had to go and get a credit check to accept credit cards, which doesn't make sense to anyone because people are giving me money," said Dorsey. "Why do I need to get a credit check? I'm not spending money – they're giving me money."

Use social media effectively
Many companies attempt to use the Internet well, but sometimes business strategies fall flat. Great financial tips make it easy to get sales at minimal cost, and social media provides an avenue for that.  To do this successfully, build a business's online presence into something that feels friendly and accessible for customers, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

"I like to see individuals posting for the brand instead of the brand itself posting," said Viveka von Rosen, a marketing and social media expert. "You can't love a brand that you wouldn't want to hang out with."

A common mistake is overly-professional, impersonal social media. The best strategies feel the most real, and that is what appeals to the majority of customers. Listen to what others are saying and talk back, and use the Internet as a method of discourse, not just a place to put sales pitches.