A growing trend in the workplace is the inundation of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, most of which are consumer-owned. These have been serving as a means for businesses of all sizes to target sales and advertising information at specific users, but there are other ways to institute their use as well that makes these tools even more useful.

Improving mobile adoption

Putting resources into one handy device can make it easier for employees to handle tasks from any location, facilitating remote access and better transparency on a system that tracks individual user access and actions. This is a big help with online banking, too, because budget tools can be integrated into accounting programs and monitored while on the business floor or from a standard PC. The Wall Street Journal wrote that one of the best ways to make certain these programs are accepted in the workplace is ensuring they are an effortless addition to the daily routine. Making jobs easier and facilitating personalized working styles are more likely to make mobile apps go over well with the workforce.

Protecting business assets

The other reason to push from mobile integration is that it seems these devices are already proliferate in the work environment. An employer can't really stop a worker from owning a smartphone, and as soon as that technology comes to the office, bring-your-own-device programs are the next step to ensure enhanced productivity in the firm rather than simply more distraction. . Instead of getting blindsided by this technology, it's better for employers to turn it into another element of the business.

However, these tools present particular problems for IT security, and companies need to be sure they take caution in allowing them too much space before they're ready. Increased sharing and collaboration are great free fringe benefits, but financial plans can be sorely derailed if a smartphone accidentally leaks a virus into the corporation's backup files. To be fair, this could happen with an email attachment on a standard PC as well, but making the mobile environment safer for data is essential for continuity.

For help on deciding how to institute mobile enterprise solutions in the workplace, talk to someone who's been active in the business and is trusted in the corporate community. Seek out financial investment advice to see if your company is ready to move to the next level in growth strategies with mobile CRM and other solutions.