Having a strong business plan can be important for owners, but there are also other tasks that need to be taken care of in order to make the building ready for the changing weather. This can help both employees and customers feel more comfortable, as well as protect the business against the elements.

Ensure building maintenance remains strong
A major task that you will need to consider as a business owner is how you can prepare the property for the weather changes. Looking at some important tasks may have a positive effect on business practices, and it may help prevent major repairs being needed later on.

  • Clean gutters – Right before the fall and the addition of more dead leaves, it could be quite important to check up on the gutters. If you can clean these now, it can lessen the chances of ice dams once the winter begins.
  • Improve weatherstripping – It is necessary to examine weatherstripping on doors and windows every couple of years. You may help cut down on energy costs, as well as keep the room more temperate when the weather deteriorates by reapplying these items early on.

Make precautionary cleaning a priority
It also is a good idea to try and clean up some areas of the business's exterior, as it may ensure that the area is safe for those who are walking in and out of the business.

  • Rake leaves – Leaves that fall on the sidewalk and doorway of the building can become a slipping hazard for those who are walking in and out of the building, especially when it rains. This is why being proactive and trying to remove these quickly will help you prevent this.
  • Mop entryway – It can get rainy during the fall, and people may tread water and mud into the business. Having a doormat can help, but if the floor is made of tile or linoleum, having a mop to keep the area dry can also be quite helpful.

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