As the economy continues to turn around, some entities are still struggling to find their footing financially. For these firms, building up existing employees could be the best strategy, but not necessarily through more educational opportunities. Thinking outside the box can help a company reassert its financial plan without spending more on staff benefits.

Providing employee stock options is becoming increasingly popular among corporations of all kinds, as these incentives produce more interest in the wellbeing of the company from individual workers. It also creates additional income for businesses, as these options are deducted directly from a worker's pre-tax pay.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that, as part of a financial plan, allowing employees to invest and hold stock for their companies makes them feel more attached to the business. This in turn can spur additional productivity and loyalty, and could help bolster the firm as it tries to make positive gains. For organizations already in the black, extending these benefits is a show of good faith, and a way of brokering lifelong partnerships with personnel, so that they have a strong workforce that can be trusted to stand by the company no matter what.

Investing in personal relationships
On top of the fringe benefits of owning a small portion of the company, employees will see their futures tied to that of the organization. This is sometimes recognized by owners as they get set to retire, as the Huffington Post detailed in a recent report.

The source stated that the owner of a local grocery store was getting prepared to retire, and in light of the success his location has seen during his tenure, several regional chains wanted to buy the location in 2013. However, acknowledging the effort and devotion of his employees, the owner instead decided to allow current shareholders to take over the company when he is finished in January of next year. This is a good way of ensuring an ongoing legacy, and since not every small business will keep it in the family, serves some entrepreneurs better.

For those looking to get involved in qualified or nonqualified employee stock programs, public companies can talk to a financial advisor for more information about how to make their workers more like part of the company. This can boost revenue and loyalty, making it a perfect solution during difficult times.