The best financial plan allows for the highest return on investment. Therefore, every small business should create a strategy that is both cost-effective and rewarding, and a company's brand and reputation can be drastically improved via some great online marketing tools. 

More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better when it comes to marketing, and every venture – no matter how large – can benefit from integrating marketing strategies and social media. Finding the best ways to maximize visibility and brand awareness are traits of the best leaders, and all of that starts with a reputation.

Manage an online profile
Public perception on the Internet is a key factor for improving the bottom line. Paying attention to this could provide an immediate boost for sales, and great financial tips find creative ways to bolster a business' reputation. Customers might be lost if a small business isn't doing enough marketing, and there are some important elements to consider.

First of all, in order to help a reputation, a company needs to figure out what people are saying to begin with, according to Entrepreneur magazine. This way, a clear plan can be established, and the business leader isn't forging ahead blind. 

There are several online services that can help, such as a simple web search. Typing in the company name will bring up a lot of valuable information, and not all of it might be positive. If there is some less-than-ideal results, a reputation might need some work. The final goal is always to have the business website appear first, ideally along with some good reviews, the website noted.

In addition, compare the business against its competitor. If the other's brand appears better, look to see where the differences lie, and strive to implement some similar changes. More knowledge can help gain the upper-hand, and better develop a financial plan. 

"Pay close attention to what people say your competitors are doing right that you might not be doing right, and what they are doing wrong that you are doing right," Michael Fertik, CEO of an online reputation management firm, told the news source.

Small business brand awareness strategies
Once problem areas are identified, an enterprise can begin changing strategies and adopting new policies. Sound financial tips include taking advantage of social media and other Internet resources, according to PCWorld. Even some potentially underutilized websites – like LinkedIn – might improve a brand. While some tools don't directly convert sales, a strong online presence can do wonders for a small business.

Recently, new research was released by American Express, along with Rogers Connect Market Research, about how some companies used web tools to develop a brand. Not surprisingly, a business website was the most utilized, with 52 percent of participants saying they had one. However, many of the other responses focused on social media, and even Instagram and Pinterest made the list.

This prevalence brings to light an interesting concept – how small businesses use affordable marketing solutions to increase revenue and boost sales.

Cost-effective marketing solutions
A financial plan should reflect creative methods for raising public awareness about a venture. Social media is typically free to use, and is heavily populated by a number of demographics. 

Therefore, use these tools to help a small business. Post videos in order to reach more people, according to This is both affordable and effective, and this form of media helps provide a creative solution to a marketing problem .

Moreover, a blog is a great way to post fresh content on a regular basis, and there is virtually no limit to the type of information. A blog can also have links to social media sites and other marketing tools, connecting an entire business strategy. Using many creative strategies can save money, improve a reputation and raise brand awareness for a small business.