Nearly every business owner understands the need for a strong online presence. The internet is a great tool for reaching most consumers, and just having a Facebook account or a small online advertisement might not seem like enough for most businesses – but it can be.

The key to success in an online world comes down to understanding the marketing strategies, and utilizing the best financial plan to get the most out of any financial investment. A small business cannot be intimidated by the magnitude of the internet; confidence is the building block of any successful company.

Getting the most out of Facebook
Facebook has over 1.1 billion users, and it is a great, inexpensive way for a small business to get some exposure. Any company can create a Facebook page, and use it to link to everyone – from business partners to consumers. This is a great tool, and it works.

According to the American Express OPEN Forum, nearly 70 percent of the site's monthly users are connected to a local business, and Facebook says that there are more than 2 billion connections overall. Business pages receive 645 million views and 13 million comments weekly. A great financial tip is to use the free services provided from social media, where a company doesn't have to put in much effort to get the business some exposure.

For a small fee, a small business can upgrade its Facebook services to include promoted posts. For only $5 to $20, an advertisement will more predominantly displayed across the website. A Facebook spokesperson said that the posts can help increase the number of people reached, and people who like a business's page will see more relevant advertisements. 

The service comes with many customization options for business owners, in order to tailor their online marketing approach to better fit a company's mission.

Don't be intimidated by online marketing
Creating an internet marketing campaign doesn't have to be overwhelming. Make it easy with a smart financial plan.

"The problem is now, (small businesses) feel left out and behind," said Martin Smith, strategic internet marketing developer. "They think some special rules apply to Internet marketing and don't apply to (their) business," according to a News Observer report.

The trick to successful online marketing is to keep it simple and consistent with the regular marketing strategy. Don't have multiple advertisement voices, since that could confuse a consumer. It helps to avoid industry-specific jargon.

The best tool online marketing provides is customer feedback. A solid financial tip is to invest in affordable advertisement strategies. Either with Facebook, or another internet resource, feedback is readily available. Small business owners need to use it.