As times change, so too do businesses need to shift their financial plans and strategies to fit with new trends. Consumers are moving to mobile and online shopping methods, and that means corporations must follow suit, creating an internet presence and original marketing solutions that play to what customers want.

This holiday season, companies will need to make sure their online marketing strategies at the forefront of their plans. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be the biggest litmus test for business success this holiday season, and performing well might hinge heavily on internet campaigns.

Email versus snail mail
The shift among many marketing groups has been toward digital media advertising as opposed to traditional mailers for several reasons. First, only people that sign up for these coupons and messages will receive them, earning better conversion rates. Second, it is much cheaper to email a single flyer than it is to pay for postage on thousands of pieces of paper that might be thrown away. Lastly, these electronic ads can be carried and shared far more easily, making their return on investment far greater than older methods.

Inc Magazine wrote that many organizations are keeping up with these benefits and changing advertising demands by hiring more tech-savy employees. Subsequently, the demand for well-trained American workers with indepth knowledge on online marketing and cloud use has accelerated in recent years. Small businesses would be wise to start shifting their financial plans to target more online media opportunities, as well as fostering these traits in their employees.

Online marketing
According to In-Depth, this Cyber Monday will likely prove a bigger shopping day than Black Friday. Part of this is due to the fact that businesses began traditional sales on Thanksgiving, splitting up their revenues and losing customers to companies that opened even earlier than they did. The other draw is that more shoppers than ever are using mobile devices and online stores than brick-and-mortar locations.

Consumers will be doing much of their holiday purchasing from the comfort of their own homes, at their offices or even while commuting, In-Depth wrote. The source pointed to a survey from comScore, which showed Monday sales are projected to be more than $1.5 billion. Sales on the same day last year weren't even one-fourth that number, meaning companies should start shifting into this arena now if they haven't already.