An efficient, fast moving company could be hampered by a variety of reasons. However, instead of letting excuses dictate poor performance and a lack of sales, small business owners might benefit from avoiding a few common sales problems and keeping a financial plan on track.

An abundance of information could clog a company, and limit income or slow sales. Relaying the correct data to employees is a task that falls on management's shoulders, which is why honesty is always the best policy. 

Excuses that should never be used
While making mistakes can happen – for example, when handing out financial investment advice – a small business owner should never lie about it to their employees. Some slip-ups are understandably embarrassing, but that shouldn't be a reason to whip out the excuse generator. 

Management might have a number of excuses, but one of them shouldn't include blaming the weather, according to Forbes. Exclaiming that the weather caused a company to miss the quarter is a frequently abused statement. Sometimes, sales don't meet a small business' expectations, and other steps could fix that besides lamenting that there was too much rain. 

In addition, some companies miss projections but still hold out hope that yearly sales figures will be met. Owners may want to avoid claiming that the year will be back-end loaded, while simultaneously hoping for an improvement, Forbes noted. Instead, a venture might prosper from making adjustments to the financial plan – not waiting to see if fortunes will improve.

Another common excuse is stating that the over-abundance of inventory was intended, according to Forbes. While building up a supply may be a good thing for some companies, owners who try to save face by saying it was intentional might look foolish to others. Rather than covering one's tracks, a firm should attempt to increase demand. 

Boost sales affordably
Once excuses are safely out of the way, a small business could focus on increasing sales instead of deflecting blame about why numbers fell short of projections.

One solid step is to identify the best customers, and offer them more incentives or deals, according to the Better Business Bureau. Loyal consumers tend to spend more, so their devotion should be rewarded.

Moreover, adjusting the sales pitch to reach specific clients is another good method for improving sales. Every customer has different needs and preferences, so marketing and sales strategies could reflect this. 

Not only should a small business owner avoid making excuses, but they could spend their time by interacting with consumers more, the BBB stated. Being humble and personable might help a company succeed.