When it comes to social media websites, everyone is aware of the big ones like Facebook and Twitter. While those tools are a fantastic method to bolster any financial plan, other strategies exist for better marketing and lead generation.

Sites like Instagram and YouTube are by no means considered small or underutilized, and many small businesses may not consider them top priorities when marketing is taken into account. However, they should be. These sites can quickly become great, affordable solutions to attract more customers to a company.

Why Instagram is a smart choice
Startups and entrepreneurs should consider Instagram as an ideal marketing tool, according to Fast Company. The kings of social media – Facebook, Twitter, blog posts – are fantastic ways to generate leads, but the video and photo-sharing site also has a lot of potential for a small business.

More people have a tendency to respond well to visual information, the news source noted. Instagram can be a creative and unique boost for a small business' financial plan, since few other companies are taking this route. Photos can be a great way for entrepreneurs to inject a little personality into their marketing campaign as well, and one firm even posted a video of their CEO dancing to spice up traditional content.

Posts can take users into the backstage area of a firm, Fast Company explained. Small businesses are usually filled with a few energetic, motivated employees, and that charisma can translate well via photo and video. Unlike Twitter, more hashtags on this site can mean more followers – each post should average around five.

Craft excellent YouTube videos
Recently, Instagram joined the video-sharing circuit, although posts are limited to mere seconds. For a small business looking to turn unique financial tips into marketing success, YouTube can be the place to go.

This site is a community, according to Mashable. Users can follow a business, and a whole new niche of commentators and customers could be created. However, great content is required, so it helps for a company to think outside the box when developing its first video.

Additionally, each post should encourage conversation, the news source noted. A representative of the venture should hang around the comment section and talk to people. This strategy can be a cost-effective way to build relationships and interact with people in a way that isn't typically done by many businesses.