How can a business stay safe in an increasingly fast-paced world? Running a company now requires portability, and the managers who can adapt and expand quickly often succeed.

Online banking – specifically mobile banking – is on the rise across the U.S. More companies are using these tools to operate on a daily basis, and consumers are also adopting the trend. However, safety is a constant need for this type of financial management, and firms that drop the ball in this regard could find themselves out quite a bit of cash.

More adults now use online banking
Banking on the Internet, outside of traditional brick-and-mortar branches, has become extremely popular in the U.S. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 51 percent of all adults in the country bank online. That percentage also comprises 61 percent of all Internet users.

Mobile devices are a major part of this form of banking, as well. In addition to the overall numbers, 35 percent of cell phone owners now use online banking via their devices. In May 2011, only 18 percent said they took part in mobile banking. But by July of 2013, that figure had increased to 35 percent.

Predictably, those with better access to the Internet banked more in this fashion, the Pew Research Center reported. For example, only 26 percent of adults over the age of 65 used online banking. In comparison, 67 percent of adults aged between 18 and 29 took part in these services.

A younger generation may play a part
According to Fox Business, a tech-savvy, younger generation could be more likely to conduct online banking transactions. In addition, small business owners are also turning to their mobile devices in order to finance their company and complete daily transactions.

One reason as to why is because this type of banking is easier than traveling to the local branch, the news source noted. It is convenient, and a mobile device – like a smartphone or tablet – is always nearby. That means users can access their important data at a moment's notice, wherever they are. Also, new technology like mobile apps make the entire process easier. Many banks and financial services offer unique Internet software to boost the consumers' experiences.

Overall, a small business owner may want to start using online banking platforms if they aren't doing so already. However, safety is always a priority when doing this, and this important step shouldn't be forgotten.

Improve banking security
A small business could come under attack via the Internet. This is a fact of life for many companies, regardless of size, scope or financial significance. Therefore, security and safety is extremely important.

For starters, a company might want to dedicate one computer for all banking transactions, if possible, according to Inc. magazine. This is often the best defense, as malicious software can get in from many other websites. However, this may not always be ideal, so other options could also help out.

According to the new source, cyber insurance might be a smart investment. If any attack does happen, all the lost funds and assets might not be reimbursed. Insurance can help with that. Also, the small business's bank has a security policy and practices. It is a must that owners understand these documents in detail before proceeding. 

Most crucial, though, are good security practices. As consumers and companies continue to go mobile, all users should surf the web responsibility, especially while on the clock. Mobile devices can be a big help to any firm, but they could be vulnerable. Intelligent employees can be the biggest boost to online banking safety.