At some point in time, all small business owners will eventually come to the realization that not every employee wants to follow their lead. When this finally hits, the best managers set themselves apart by coping, pushing forward and facilitating growth. Those who get overwhelmed instead could find themselves struggling to stay afloat.

In order to keep a financial plan on track and moving in the right direction, small business owners faced with stubborn employees should remember a few key tips.

Prepare for success
All business owners should attempt to overcome staff problems, instead of getting buried by them, according to the John Maxwell Company. Leaders will encounter resistance – that is a fact. However, it is possible to choose how one responds to those issues.

It is important for business owners to keep in mind that motion creates friction, the news source noted. While leaders are pushing a company forward, it is only natural that something – or somebody – pushes back. Therefore, companies should plan ahead for problems, just to be prepared.

In addition, a financial plan could receive a boost if the firm has a clear target. Leaders should establish a defined goal for the business. This way, employees have something to strive toward. This strategy provides a reward, which could inspire people to work harder and put up less resistance on the way there. Without purpose, problems are bound to arise.

Manage incentives, bonuses
As the holiday season fast approaches, it might be time for small business owners to tackle a sticky subject – the bonus. Even little firms provide incentives and rewards for their employees, and the best leaders understand how to manage this time without throwing business banking out of whack. 

Problems could pop up among those who aren't getting bonuses, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Therefore, owners should sit down with each employee and talk about it. Honesty will help soften the blow, and there could be several reasons as to why they aren't getting extra money at the moment.

Moreover, prior to doling out any rewards, managers should set expectations with the staff. Each person needs to know what they must do in order to earn a bonus. Not everyone gets one, so setting the benchmarks on the way to success will help clarify the entire process. Throughout the year, regular evaluations and updates can help dodge problems during the holiday season.