An effective social media marketing strategy is the perfect addition to any small business' financial plan. For the image-conscious entrepreneur, there are sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. For those looking to reach as wide of an audience as possible, there are the old standbys of Facebook and Twitter, with many more in between.

When it comes to Twitter specifically, this microblogging site is a fantastic way to connect to clients, customers and colleagues, all without spending too much money or time. However, many small business owners may not have used social media and Twitter before, which may make all of these benefits seem just out of reach. If that's the case, here are some quick and easy tips to get started.

Determine a solid plan
When it comes to any aspect of a small business, from acquiring commercial loans to hiring new employees, a great plan will go a long way. This applies to Twitter as well, because any marketing strategy needs some preparing in order to be the most effective. 

According to the Intuit Small Business Blog, one social media method doesn't fit every company. So, entrepreneurs should figure out what they want to get out of the site and what they need from it. Some niche markets may not require this approach, but others who are looking to expand and reach potential clients could see results. Therefore, it is up to management to decide what direction they want the company to go in, and see how social media plays a part in that goal.

Keep it short and sweet
Even Twitter veterans make mistakes on the site from time to time. For the budding entrepreneur looking to get started, there are several key tactics that could go a long way toward success.

Scott Levy, CEO of Social Media Firm, shared an excerpt of his book "Tweet Naked" with Entrepreneur magazine. He explained that posts should be kept short. This is the heart of a quality Twitter strategy, and users love to see brief bits of text mixed in with links and photos. These tweets are better at grabbing readers' attentions, and it could also prevent posts from getting lost in people's timelines. The best part about this site is how it can be connected to other forms of social media. Once on Twitter, small business owners should share on Facebook, and keep every strategy working in the same direction.