We all get those emails that let us "Shop now" simply by clicking on a link. We also see those buttons that state "Free Download." They encourage people to follow through to companies' websites or more premium content. As a small business owner, you should be taking advantage of calls to action to create more traffic for your website. The following items will help you design ones that will stand out on your site.

1. Pick a color
Standard black and white text will make your call to action blend in with the rest of the Web page. Instead, pick a color that will stand out and attract visitors' eyes, Entrepreneur explained. Approximately 85 percent of people buy products based on the color, so make sure yours is as appealing as possible. Green, which usually signifies "go," is great for encouraging people to click on your call to actions. If you have more than one call to action, make sure you differentiate them by switching up the shade.

2. Play with shape and size
Large objects attract the most attention on a website, so take advantage of that for your call to action. The bigger the item, the more important it seems, so make it stand out from the surrounding text and graphics, according to Smashing Magazine. With more than one, make sure you establish a pyramid of importance by gradually reducing the size as you go down the list. Make sure they're big enough to click on a mobile device but not so big that it detracts from the rest of the page.

3. Keep it simple
Just like the terminology states, a call to action should instruct consumers to do something. However, they won't be doing anything if they don't understand the language. You should be straight to the point and use active verbs, which drive action, Entrepreneur claimed. Add a personal touch by using first-person point of view. Using "my" instead of "your" provides a higher conversion rate. Creating a sense of emergency with "now" and "limited time" also boosts clicks.

4. Tell people what to expect
If people are going to click on your call to action, they want a good reason for doing so. Your button should tell them exactly what they're getting into by following your directions, Smashing Magazine explained. When you're designing a request, think of all the questions that consumers may have and make sure you answer them. Letting them know what they're getting themselves into will create goodwill and increase the number of people who click on the button.

5. Place it above the fold
Just as with newspapers, the content placed at the top of the page signifies its importance. It's rare that people will read an entire email or scroll to the bottom of a website, so your call to action needs to be as high as possible to ensure people click on it, Entrepreneur stated. You don't want to bury it so people don't see it. Place it high and use white space to make it stand out. Approximately 80 percent of consumers spend their time at the top of a website, according to the source. That means only 1 of 5 people will see your call to action if it's near the bottom, so make sure it's high up.

If you want to add any money to your business banking account, you'll have to make sure consumers follow through on your call to action. Make it big, colorful and direct to ensure people see it.