While a small business is built from the ground up, great leadership starts at the top and works its way down.

The ideal managers and small business owners typically all have similar traits, and those who are looking to get the most out of a financial plan and their employees may want to try to emulate them. Thankfully, changes are relatively easy to implement, and better leadership could result in a quick boost to profits.

Turn a company into a community
In some cases, the first mistake small business owners make when starting out is creating a hostile atmosphere. This can be achieved unintentionally, and while competition and determination are positives, those traits could easily create animosity in a workplace.

For starters, owners and managers should build a sense of community, according to Inc. magazine. Employees are more than just moving parts, and everyone – regardless of position or experience – may have something valuable to contribute. Therefore, great bosses find ways to get the most out of each person. Inspiration is a better motivational tool than fear, and if everybody is working together, that could have a greater impact on the business than anything else.

Additionally, all employees should be considered peers – on the same level as upper management, the news source noted. Poor bosses treat staff members like children, when the relationship should be far more mature. On the contrary, every worker should be trusted and respected, regardless if they are involved with business banking or cleaning the office. 

Traits that define quality management
If a small business owner is focusing on how to develop and improve the company, they should also take a look at themselves in the mirror. Sometimes, the best way to boost the financial plan is for management to make personal changes. 

For instance, a great boss is someone who takes the time to develop each employee, according to Time magazine. While other financial aspects are also important, focus should always be given to team-building goals. Also, any problems should be dealt with quickly. Issues shouldn't linger around a company, instead, everything needs to be addressed in a timely fashion.

Moreover, upper management and small business owners shouldn't put the spotlight on themselves, Time magazine explained. While individual accolades are wonderful, each goal met by an employee is worthy of praise. The better the staff does, the more the company will succeed. Their achievements will reflect back on the owners, so no self-serving compliments are needed.