For many small business owners, client requests never end, employees never stop asking questions and there is always something else to do, even on a Sunday morning. 

So then, how is it ever possible for budding entrepreneurs to find that perfect balance between work and home life? Thankfully, for even the most stressed-out person, there is time hidden away somewhere. While it can be tough to find a happy medium between over-worked and too much time off, it is worth the effort to get there.

Consider working from home
In many cases, a small business owner doesn't just have responsibilities at the office. They have to juggle their families, other duties and commitments within the community. Therefore, in order to keep the company's financial plan on track, it may be worthwhile to work from home.

According to Inc. magazine, there are a number of benefits to working from home, including a cheap commute and a relaxing environment. However, there are negatives as well, and they should be watched out for. In order to be the most productive, small business owners should keep a steady routine while outside the office. The day has to start the same as if a long commute lay ahead. Get dressed, eat breakfast and perhaps even go for a walk. 

In addition, those who decide to work from home should create a unique workspace, the news source noted. It doesn't have to be an elaborate office, but a computer in another room will help a person stay productive. Family members have to know boundaries here, and a physical barrier – like a door – can help set limits.

Try not to work too hard
Many small business owners only have one speed – fast. They go from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, seven days a week. This can lead to problems, and a more healthy balance can have positive results.

According to USA Today, entrepreneurs shouldn't place too much of an importance on business. They must make time for friends, family and the community, as well. An overload of work can lead to health problems, and a person has to have solid priorities.

For example, certain relationships matter more than the office, USA Today noted. These have to come first, and a relaxing day at home can be the best medicine for an overworked lifestyle. In some cases, sleep is the most important thing to do, not answering more emails late into the night.