Financial tips come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the best ones include new technology and mobility. Sales, revenue, consumer interest and a lot of other factors could all benefit if a company decides to embrace mobile devices.

A number of small business owners may believe that these tools – like smartphones and tablet computers – are better for playing games than doing work, but this isn't necessarily the case. There are many positives that can come out of going mobile.

When tablets are better than laptops
Nearly every office has computers. These could be of the larger, desktop variety or they could be laptops. However, a new trend is taking hold – tablets. These devices are smaller, more mobile and very effective at multiple tasks crucial to a small business.

Tablets excel when it comes to sales, according to Inc. magazine. They are perfect communication tools and note-taking devices  that can be used to quickly send emails and make conference calls. The beauty of tablets is their simplicity, since anyone can pick up and use the device. A financial plan could benefit from added mobile technology, and the increased productivity may be worth the initial cost.

Additionally, tablets remove the need for large workspaces, the news source noted. Mobile banking can be completed on the move, and the point of these types of devices is to get out of the office while staying productive.

Manage mobile devices correctly
Despite the many positives of tablets, smartphones and other technologies, if a small business doesn't properly manage the tools, they could all go to waste. However, a great strategy can be a big boost to a company, once everything is working well and integrated into an existing network correctly.

First off, owners need to figure out what they need from mobile technology, according to PCWorld. Simple tasks like email and data sharing can be managed with less-intensive software. On the other hand, more in-depth jobs require advanced management strategies.

Regardless of how a firm is using mobile devices, the costs should always be monitored, the news source noted. This is related to the number of tablets and smartphones on one network, who has them and how they are using them. A great inventory is a must, so each device, spending and other expenses can be tracked. With these steps in place, a small business can grow while embracing mobility.