The bigger the business, the greater the budget – but a small business doesn’t have to be hung out to dry just because the marketing strategy isn’t on as grand of a scale as competitors’.

Useful financial tips for marketing a company involve thinking viral. A small campaign has the potential to produce an effect similar to a national advertisement, but it needs to target the correct consumers and have the proper composition to reach a large number of people. Creative ideas such as this don’t cost as much, giving a business the opportunity to save money and re-appropriate funds.

Build a viral meme to improve sales
Many people have heard of Grumpy Cat, the angry-looking feline who has been featured in numerous Internet memes and spawned countless versions shared by a massive number of people online. This is the goal for any business’ marketing strategy – reach the masses as fast as possible, in the most cost-effective way. Memes can do this, and at its core the medium is used to transmit ideas, which could easily be a company’s slogan or website.

According to Young Entrepreneur, the popularity of memes can be used to promote a business. The first thing to remember when attempting this form of viral marketing is to not set out with that goal in mind. It is too difficult to predict what will gain popularity, so instead focus on creating something that is valuable to the company. Allow consumers to provide feedback about what they want to see, and remember to be creative. Memes fit in to any financial plan, since the cost is so low.

Find unique ways to boost marketing
A good amount of people go online to be entertained, not to receive sales pitches. That is why creativity is crucial for appealing to a large number of people. Small businesses can save money by attempting viral marketing, and good financial tips revolve around the success of low-budget advertisements.

Therefore, when a business is marketing its brand, content shouldn’t be dominated by a sales pitch. It is better to come across as friendly and humble, and try to connect to the customer. The best marketing is geared toward what the consumer needs, not what the company does, according to Inc. magazine.

The best viral marketing strategies work for any financial plan, but each one needs to give people a reason to pay attention. There needs to be an attraction that goes beyond what the product is, and great content can spurn a customer to buy without even mentioning a product.