The weather is getting nicer all the time and the economy is starting to level out, giving businesses the first real respite in dramatic lunges since 2007's recession began. Since things seem sunnier both financially and meteorologically, people are inclined to go on vacation, but business owners may hesitate to leave the stronghold of the office. There are solutions for this dilemma, allowing CEOs to stay close to the action while lounging on the beach.

Mobile devices have come a long way with connecting people effortlessly to the internet, social networks and other corporate solutions. Incorporating additional software to facilitate mobile monitoring and online banking is a simple addition for most business suites, giving a new range of flexibility to owners and employees alike.

Working more than ever

The need to take a vacation is growing for about 50 percent of small business owners. That's the number of respondents who told Manta in a recent survey that they felt they were working more and harder than ever before, thanks to a tough economy and not enough resources to bring in the technology and manpower they need to make things run more efficiently. All that hard work should pay off in some way, like taking a vacation, or else owners risk burning themselves out before long.

A great financial tip would be to find a way to disconnect from the office to avoid this problem, which could have significant backlash should an owner become unmotivated or disinterested in the business. It's more worthwhile to take a little time off, according to Small Business Trends. The source stated that these most recent findings from Manta also reflect the percent of owners who stated they didn't take summer vacations.

Taking it with you

If you need to be able to access mobile accounts and view business happenings in order to feel better while vacationing, chances are there's a tool for your laptop or smartphone that will let you do that quickly and efficiently. Manta's review stated that nearly 70 percent of all respondents were checking emails and using other corporate applications remotely in order to stay connected, so you would be in good company.

"As a small business owner, I don't have the luxury to ever really shut off from my business," Terry Benton of Terry's Fabric Cottage said in a statement published by eWeek. "While it can sometimes be a double-edged sword, my mobile device allows me to stay connected so I can enjoy time away from the office."