In white-collar jobs, people work sitting down eight hours a day, seven days a week. Their backs might hurt, their necks could be stiff and their eyes are most likely tired from staring at the computer. Remaining sedentary all day isn't healthy for your employees or your company, so get your workers in shape with the tips below:

1. Implement a wellness program
From offering discounts on gym memberships to holding office weight loss competitions, wellness programs can help get your employees thinking about their health. However, this will be something you'll have to work into your financial plan, as subsidizing memberships could cost up to $200 per person annually, founder and CEO of Lorna Borenstein told Entrepreneur. You could also bring in fitness instructors to teach a class during lunch or right after work, Spencer Blackman, the primary care physician at One Medical Group, suggested to the publication.

2. Provide seating options
Stability balls and standing desks are great alternatives to a regular desk chair. Sitting all day can lead to higher risks of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, according to Natasha Withers, another physician at One Medical Group. One of the best ways to give your body a break from the staticity of sitting is standing up. It also doesn't hurt to get a little exercise while still at the office by balancing on a stability ball.

3. Get moving
Your spine wasn't made for sitting for long periods of time, Withers explained. This can lead to sore muscles when you eventually do move. If you don't need technology, hold your meetings while taking a walk or take the long way to copy machines and bathrooms. Any kind of movement can get your blood flowing and rejuvenate your mind. Stepping away from your desk can lead to an increase in productivity, so shift your focus to exercising instead.

4. Invest in healthy snacks
If you have a vending machine at the office, there's a good chance that it's filled with junk food, such as candy bars and potato chips. While it'd be rude to get rid of the sugary and salty treats, provide your employees with healthy options as well, Blackman said. Fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas are easy foods to put in a basket and let your workers take when they want.

Fitness doesn't have to be expensive or difficult for a company, but providing your employees with the option to live healthier will increase their productivity, focus and moods, Withers explained. Get your workers moving and give them healthy options, and you'll have a happier, more efficient workforce.