Getting away from the office on a regular basis can be one of the best things for a small business owner. However, according to a recent Gallup survey, few of these owners are actually finding the time to take a break – although that hasn't drained their energy.

The Gallup survey looked at microbusinesses – or those with five or fewer employees –  and found that vacations were fairly unusual. More than 1,000 interviews were conducted, and 1 in 5 owners explained that they didn't take any vacation time over the past year. Of that group, half noted that they wouldn't be taking any time off in the next 12 months either. 

In addition, the median annual vacation for these business owners lasted 12 days, Gallup reported. While some people are finding time away from the office, this segment is less satisfied with its standard of living overall. That has led to additional problems juggling home life with work back at the office. Even so, 40 percent of all microbusiness owners strongly believe that they have the perfect job, and 37 percent feel that their profession leaves them energized.

Find ways to recharge while working
Not everyone has the ability to take vacation days throughout the year. While this can be OK for some people, for others it can prove a drain on energy and focus, hurting a financial plan and the company's bottom line. Therefore, it can pay off to find ways to recharge while on the clock.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, there are several effective ways to do this. For starters, it may be helpful if you cleaned out your desk or office. Clutter and excess junk can be distracting, and you wouldn't want to feel overwhelmed or upset because of this. Instead, take a few minutes to get rid of everything you don't need. Keep what you use on a daily basis on top of your desk. Becoming more organized will help you better manage stress and be more productive while working.

Furthermore, CBS MoneyWatch recommended that you try to get some fresh air or move around on a regular basis. Sitting in one place all day can have negative effects, so try to stretch when you can or take a brief walk. This way, you'll be able to get refreshed and refocused on the task at hand. Hopefully, this will also allow you stay productive without the benefit of a longer vacation.