Starting a career search in November or December could be difficult for many, regardless if it's a first job right out of college, returning to the workforce after a hiatus or the result of a layoff. There are a multitude of temporary or seasonal jobs available during this period, but these don't appeal to the career-minded applicants in the unemployment pool, and since these make up so many of the available slots during the holiday season, it's easy for searchers to get jaded on the process.

On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make this period an opportunity, rather than a dry spell. Reviewing resumes and personal goals can help build a stronger financial plan and career path, so taking the time to sort things out rather than getting frustrated will make the search more productive.

Having realistic goals and keeping an eye out for opportunities works well, Jobsite recommended, but settling for something comparable might be wise if it fits with your financial plan. Even if it's not your dream job, as long as it's in the right field and will give you experience in the elements you need to get that better job, it's a good inroad to scoring a better position at the company you wanted. It will also provide economic stability and create a positive work history, as employers don't like to see gaps between jobs.

Especially for students or those just entering the career world, appropriately outlining existing skills and achievements on a resume should focus on the ones that most apply to the position they seek. Anything that shows leadership and perseverance are also likely to be listed in a dominant position, but not every extracurricular activity needs to be listed on an introductory-level application.

Healthcare IT News wrote that reviewing a resume will also give candidates the opportunity to fill in newer skill sets. Making sure the most pertinent information is listed will reduce the likelihood of a misunderstanding during the hiring process. What's more, the source wrote that if a job seekers notices a glaring hole in training, the search period could provide ample time to volunteer or take classes to fill that space.